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The Trick To Be A TV Star Chumlee Loses Weight Through Gastric Sleeve Surgery

The Trick To Be A TV Star Chumlee Loses Weight Through Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Austin “Chumlee” Russell was one of the primary stars of the reality television program Pawn Stars when it debuted on The History Channel.

The viewers of the broadcast were drawn in by more than simply the intriguing tales and artifacts featured on the program. They were also quite interested in Chumlee’s new physical appearance, his weight loss quest, and his final aim.

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Chumlee Started Losing Weight Because of Family Uncertainty

The TV personality wants to get in shape because he had struggled with his weight his entire life. According to the proverb, every journey starts with a single step.

When the 38-year-father old are passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2013, he began his weight loss journey. Chumlee wished to avoid sharing his father’s fate. He then began working out in the gym and eating a balanced diet. He abstained from eating red meat, junk food, and processed foods (with the exception of mustard).

The outcome?

He shed 75 pounds in a year! View the pictures of the weight loss before and after below! Chumlee from “Pawn Stars” before and after losing weight (Source:

Unfortunately, despite eating well and exercising, he was unable to keep the weight off for very long. Chumlee discussed his lifelong struggle with weight loss in an interview with Pop Culture, which led him to choose surgery as his next course of action.

How Did Chumlee Shed the Pounds?

It appeared in January 2019 that the TV personality had made a New Year’s commitment to take his health seriously and was prepared to start a brand-new path with unwavering dedication and enthusiasm.

He underwent Gastric Sleeve Surgery at Blossom Bariatrics at Warm Springs Surgical Center in Las Vegas, one of the more extreme steps he took to get back in shape.

Chumlee weighed 342 pounds prior to the procedure, but only by following a pre-operative diet, did he reduces 38 pounds. Thanks to the procedure he decided to have, he was down to 230 lbs. one week later.

His ultimate objective was to weigh less than 200 pounds, so he continued to eat the way the physicians had advised for another three weeks. His total weight after the entire process was down to 212lbs, which brought him very near to his goal.

How much overall weight did Chumlee lose? The reality star was at a reasonably lean 190 pounds, according to an exclusive story from TMZ that was released on October 10, 2021. He tried to get healthy and stay healthy by losing 160 pounds.

Chumlee Was Motivated to Exercise by His Best Friend

Chumlee revealed in a 2014 interview that his Pawn Stars co-star and boyhood best buddy Corey Harrison had given him the motivation to slim down.

At the time, Harrison was trying to lose weight and was also overweight.

So, in order to remove the extra weight from his body, he chose to get lap-band surgery in 2014. He lost almost 190 pounds and has kept it off thanks to the surgery, a healthy diet, and regular exercise.