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The Top 5 Moments from Matt LeBlanc’s Showtime Series “Episodes”

The Top 5 Moments from Matt LeBlanc’s Showtime Series “Episodes”

Matt LeBlanc is a comedian, actor, and television producer best known for his role as Joey Tribbiani on Friends and its spin-off Joey.

After Friends ended in 2004, the actor returned to Joey to reprise his part. Unfortunately, due to low ratings, it was canceled by NBC after two seasons.

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Tribbiani has played such an important role in LeBlanc’s life.

Since the launch of Friends in 1994, Tribbiani’s shadow has constantly trailed him.

He took a five-year break after Joey. However, with Episodes in 2011, LeBlanc returned with a bang, casting the Tribbiani shadow aside.

Episodes is a critically acclaimed British-American sitcom about a couple attempting to break into Hollywood. They’re attempting to recreate their popular British TV show, but the results are mixed.

Five seasons and 41 episodes aired on BBC One and Showtime from January 9, 2011, to October 8, 2017.

For this series, LeBlanc received a lot of praise. He’s been nominated for four Primetime Emmy Awards and won a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series, which is more than he received from Friends.

There are numerous notable and iconic scenes in the series. However, here are the top five moments from each episode.

The Recording

Morning Randolph is a well-known actress who is cast opposite LeBlanc’s role on Pucks by the network. In episode 5 of season 4, Randolph and LeBlanc are smoking in front of their studio.

The actor is then told by Randolph that indecent tapes pay well and that they should make one. The offer makes LeBlanc hesitant and strange, so he declines.

That astounds LeBlanc, and Randolph is stunned that the actor has forgotten about her. After a long wait, LeBlanc pretends to recollect to offer the actress some hope.

Crossing Paths with David Schwimmer

In season 4, episode 5, LeBlanc attends a party where he meets David Schwimmer, his Friends co-star. Naturally, they are both surprised to see one other, but it is a bittersweet reunion.

They discuss the party as well as the dress code. They eventually make their way to the caviar restaurant, but Schwimmer requests a ride back because his driver was shot.

Schwimmer takes a step forward, leaving LeBlanc perplexed.

Alternative Professions

Sean Lincoln, co-creator of Pucks, and LeBlanc had a chat about vocations in season 1, episode 3 of the series. Lincoln tells about how everyone in his family is a doctor, but he is the odd man out.

Lincoln then asks LeBlanc what he would do if he weren’t an actor, to which LeBlanc responds that he would be a formula one driver or a pornstar.

Lincoln considers a career as a pornstar and wonders if LeBlanc has what it takes.

Lincoln is taken aback when the actor proudly declares that his phallus is like his “third limb” and that he was born with it.

David Schwimmer and Matthew Perry

In episode 6 of season 2, LeBlanc attempts to contact Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer from his Friends cast. LeBlanc backbites about Perry to Schwimmer and so versa, oblivious to the fact that they still converse.

He calls them back and forth and is surprised when he receives no assistance.

Dad Has Passed Away

LeBlanc’s father dies unexpectedly while shopping with his partner Linda at a Target store in season 5, episode 5.

In the middle of the pandemonium, LeBlanc must arrange for the funeral.

He had a tumultuous connection with his father, but he wanted to accomplish something nice for him in the end.

As a result, LeBlanc presents Linda and his mother with urns containing the ashes of steaks he prepared.

Then he drives his father’s ashes to the seashore to be scattered. Unfortunately, the wind blows in his direction when he is scattering the ashes, causing the ashes to fall on his face.

The scenario is highly dramatic and painful since LeBlanc couldn’t do the one thing he wanted to do for his father.