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The Support of Tucker Carlson’s Wife for His Career and Faith

The Support of Tucker Carlson’s Wife for His Career and Faith

The proverb “There is always a hand of a woman behind every great man” is exactly what FOX News analyst and journalist Tucker Carlson exemplifies. His wife Susan and him have been together for more than 29 years. And over all of these years, his wife has consistently supported him in every way.

Tucker and Susan were best friends throughout high school.

Tucker Carlson and Susan Andrews Carlson, who are now married, have known each other since they were teenagers. They had their first encounter in the 10th grade at St. George’s School.

Speaking about their initial encounter, the political commentator told People on November 6, 2000, that Susan was definitely the cutest 10th grader in the country. Susan cited this in response:

In 1991, just before receiving his Trinity College diploma, the primetime Fox News personality plucked up the guts to propose to Susan’s father. They exchanged wedding vows in August 1991.

Together, the couple has raised four children over the course of their 29-year marriage: a son named Buckley Carlson and three girls named Dorothy, Lillie, and Hopie Carlson. The six-person family is currently content at their home in Washington, DC.

The Family of Susan Andrews Carlson Has Been a Great Help to Tucker

Since his college days, Tucker Carlson has had assistance from Susan Andrews Carlson and her father, Reverend George Andrews. When Tucker was having trouble continuing his education, his wife’s father, who was also his high school’s principal, helped him when he enrolled at Trinity College, Hartford.

After Tucker married Susan in the late 1990s, Susan resigned her position as a teacher to better raise her three children while Tucker continued to work.

Mrs. Carlson not only quit her career but also endured harder times with her spouse. In 2001, when his program “Tucker” was canceled, the right-wing host almost lost his mind. According to a NewYorker report, the entire family moved back to Washington after Tucker felt stranded after losing his job in New Jersey. Susan, however, never lost hope in Tucker and continued to believe in him.

The American conservative television host’s faith was said to have been bolstered by Susan in the same piece.

They both identify as Episcopalians, who are part of the international Anglican Communion.

When Tucker Carlson was six years old, his parents divorced.

The eldest child of Lisa McNear Carlson and former CEO of The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and former head of the Voice of America Dick Carlson, Tucker Carlson was born in 1969.

Tucker’s parents tragically split up when he was only six years old. He described the incident as completely strange and that he never likes to talk about it during an interview with The New Yorker in 2017. After a separation of four years, Tucker’s stepmother Patricia Swanson got married to senior Carlson. Gilbert Carl Swanson’s daughter Patricia is the heir to and inheritor of Swanson Enterprises.

Unlike his parents, the renowned or famed journalist has a long-lasting, loving connection with his spouse; the two of them have been together since they were only teenagers.