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The Real Death Survivors Are Les Stroud and His Son Logan!

The Real Death Survivors Are Les Stroud and His Son Logan!

Les Stroud discovered his actual mission in life after taking a survival course at Humber College in Toronto. Les Stroud and The Pikes, a music-arts major, had their own band. But he put his artistic ambitions on hold and went into the wilderness.

He learned as many abilities as he could in order to survive any form of disaster imaginable, including floods, tornadoes, wildlife, earthquakes, and even blizzards. He has become excellent at identifying fertile spots where he weaves his magic to allow wild mushrooms, spices, and a variety of greens to sprout and serve as perfect ingredients for a delicious feast because he is so in tune with the wild.

Climbing high cliffs, swimming through marshes, and even fighting creepy crawlies are all part of Les’ survival strategy. But there’s one thing he can’t stand – and this will make you laugh – and that’s heights.

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Les Stroud takes on the challenge.

Les was able to withstand the test of time in Mongolia. During one of the Survivorman shootings, Les and his team were involved in a horrific car accident that left Les with a punctured lung, three fractured ribs, a dislocated shoulder, and torn chest muscles.

Is it possible that he died? Is it possible that things will become worse? Yes. Logan, his kid, has been diagnosed with leukemia. Les has two children with his first wife, Susan: son Logan and daughter Raylan.

This heartbreaking news was shared by Les on Facebook. His message had a strong positive sense to it, so call him a man with steel nerves.

He was overjoyed to learn that his son had the most prevalent type of leukemia, with a Cytogenetic Classification of 8;21, suggesting a fair prognosis!

He encouraged his followers and supporters to send their best wishes and cards to the Toronto Sick Kids’ Hospital, where his son was receiving treatment, with tremendous sincerity.

Les Stroud and his kid have been back in action for 365 days.

After his struggle with leukemia, Les Stroud’s son recovered, and both father and son returned to Mongolia to begin filming Survivorman & Son: Mongolia.

Their unique experiences served as the final litmus test for their characters. The duo returned to Mongolia more motivated than ever to give their audience more thrills and chills from their survival instincts.

Les gets an adrenaline boost from being in the wild with his son and watching him take on nature’s challenges. He does admit, though, that if things go wrong for some reason, it can be distressing.

Les has a bright future ahead of him as he engages with his numerous admirers and teaches people about survival techniques. Les’ love of music never faded, and he continues to perform and tour with his band, Les Stroud and The Pikes.

Les keeps his feet moving to wilder locations, exploring, learning, and sharing the best of the odd and beasts with his audience, as rugged as the landscape he traverses. He’s even had a children’s book published by Annick Press called Wild Outside.

Les, a man who stays up with the times, is also a podcaster, and one wonders if there is anything he hasn’t tried.

Les Stroud, as an individual and a father, has a life that can inspire millions of people throughout the world.