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David Lee Roth’s Reaction to the Rumors That He Is Gay

David Lee Roth’s Reaction to the Rumors That He Is Gay

David Lee Roth, the lead singer of Van Halen, is a legendary rock musician. The group is regarded as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

Roth was born on October 10, 1954, in Bloomington, Indiana, to parents Nathan Lee and Sibyl Roth. The 67-year-old has never married, or, as he puts it, “I put off getting married when I found out, oh, you don’t really have to.”

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Gay Suggestions Made David Lee Roth Laugh

In an exclusive interview with BuzzFeed in April 2013, Roth discussed his reasons for choosing to spend his life as an unmarried man. He also mentioned having girlfriends and love affairs as an adult during the conversation.

When BuzzFeed’s Steve Kandell indicated to Roth that, according to online rumors, he was gay and had married his male chef in a civil wedding a decade prior to the interview, Roth laughed heartily.

Roth was completely ignorant of this suggestion, which elicited a hearty giggle from the rock veteran.

The musician informed the journalist that his parent’s divorce when he was in high school caused him to shun marriage and family entirely.

During the conversation, Roth shared a portion of his life with Kandell, giving the journalist the chance to assess whether the gay suggestions were accurate.

“, he explained.

Relationship History of David Lee Roth

In 2013, Roth gave an open and honest interview to the Brisbane Times, an Australian news organization. Roth discussed numerous elements of his life in the interview, including his parents, dysfunctional family, first kiss, women he’s loved, and locations he’s seen.

When asked about his romantic life, Roth revealed that he has always been drawn to women. The iconic singer used to sit outside the house of a girl named Laurie for hours as a fourth-grader because he had a “huge crush” on her.

Furthermore, while working at a stable as a thirteen-year-old, Roth had his first kiss with a “skinny blonde girl” named Jannie Scott, “one of the privileged kids” he encountered.

While on a family vacation in Tahiti, Roth, then fourteen, slept with one of the girls, Elaine. He claimed she was four years his senior. However, he had “so many alternatives when it came to ladies for 20 years,” according to Roth. He was inexorably a rockstar, a member of a well-known rock band who increased his standing among “every gorgeous female.”

During an interview with the Brisbane Times, Roth stated that he had been in a long-term relationship with a Japanese woman who was “half my age,” according to Roth.

Roth said he had “four wonderful loves in my life” but never opted to marry any of them while recounting his previous relationships.