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The owner of ‘Extension Bar’ is Dean Graziosi’s wife.

The owner of ‘Extension Bar’ is Dean Graziosi’s wife.

Lisa Graziosi, the current wife of entrepreneur Dean Graziosi, has a similar interest in business as her husband. Lisa is the owner and founder of Extension bar, a hair salon that specializes in natural-looking extensions for women. Her Instagram business account has around 43K followers.

In addition, Lisa’s Extension Bar was named Best Stylist and Best Extensionist for the year 2019.

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Lisa’s Extension Bar Makes Its Debut

Lisa is a well-known figure in the industry. With her 16 years of expertise, she has developed a reputation for herself based on professionalism and genuine concern for her clients.

Lisa came up with the idea for an extension bar for a personal purpose, according to her website.

Many people are unaware that she suffered from alopecia, which is a disorder in which a person’s hair falls off in patches. As a result, she became obsessed with learning how to regrow hair through diet and how to hide the appearance of hair loss through the art of extensions.

The businesswoman spent ten years of her life honing her hair extension talents. She quickly established herself as the number one expert extension stylist in the beauty industry’s recognized magazines. The stylist’s passion grew into a desire to serve women on a bigger scale, which led to the establishment of the Extension bar.

Lisa was really fortunate to have a supportive husband throughout her ordeal. She sent out a big appreciation post for Dean on the Extension bar’s official Instagram account, with a lengthy caption on how grateful she is for his support, a part of which read:

Dean is a devoted husband and father.

Dean is a proud father of three children in addition to being a supportive life partner.

He was married to his first wife, Jonelle Ward, for over a decade before meeting his present wife Lisa. Brody Graziosi, a son, and Breana Graziosi, a daughter, were born to them together. Dean was reportedly entirely focused on his real estate profession when the couple split up.

Dean married Lisa over a year and a half after their divorce, and they have a newborn son named Luca.

Dean’s second marriage seemed to be built on the same foundation as his first, which was his career.

They are both quite enthusiastic about their jobs and appear to be content in their personal life.

Dean’s Instagram is chock-full of photos of his happy family and kids. He just tweeted a gorgeous photo of the couple taken immediately before their wedding on January 13, 2021, with a text expressing his daily growing love for Lisa.