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The Married Life of MSNBC Analyst Elise Jordan and Second Husband Mike Hogan

The Married Life of MSNBC Analyst Elise Jordan and Second Husband Mike Hogan

With her husband Mike Hogan and their young daughter Mary Clyde, Elise has a happy marriage. On September 22, 2017, the couple exchanged vows. Jordan had lost her first husband, Michael Hastings, in a vehicle accident four years earlier.

Her new residence and wedding

In September 2017, Jordan wed Hogan in front of their closest loved ones, including Bobby Sneakers, their beloved corgi. Jordan’s late father’s iconic red 1983 Mercedes served as the couple’s wedding getaway vehicle.

They then moved into their New York apartment and began to live there.

The couple purchased a vacation property in Sag Harbor, Long Island, in 2019.

The 1850s farmhouse with a pool, carriage house, and pool house sounded like a dream beach house, and Jordan completed the sale without skipping a beat. Moreover, it would be the perfect location to drive her father’s Mercedes, which she refers to as a “beach car.”

The property was transformed into the ideal weekend retreat after a four-month restoration with the aid of interior designer Michelle R. Smith, who is located in Brooklyn. Jordan and her hubby enjoy their time alone in Sag Harbor.

Vanity Fair’s digital director is Hogan.

a daughter was welcomed in 2020

Two weeks ahead of schedule, the political commentator for MSNBC gave birth to her daughter Mary Clyde in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak.

She announced the birth of Clyde on Twitter. On October 20, 2020, she posted a photo of the baby and a heartfelt statement about how fortunate she and her family were to have “struck the jackpot in life.”

The political analyst and her spouse moved their young child into their Sag Harbor house. For the first month, they even hired a baby nurse to take care of Clyde.

Jordan spoke to NBC News in December 2020 about what it was like to have a child during difficult times. Her child offered her a sense of hope and optimism in the midst of the mayhem.

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Her First Husband was killed in a car accident.

Jordan was previously married to investigative journalist Michael Hastings before Hogan.

In 2010, they first met in Kabul, where they immediately clicked. They loved each other so much that they got engaged the same year and married in Holly Springs, Mississippi, in May 2011.

Hastings was fatally injured in a car accident in Los Angeles in June 2013, therefore the marriage didn’t last long. His untimely passing sparked conspiracy allegations because he covered national security.

In August 2013, the Time magazine contributor discussed the possibilities with CNN’s Piers Morgan. She acknowledged that Hastings was involved in controversial issues, but she made it clear that the LAPD was looking into it and that she had nothing more to say. She snorted and said that she felt it was a horrible accident.

On the first anniversary of Hastings’ passing, she released his unfinished book “The Last Magazine” as a tribute.