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The love and encouragement of Jon B’s family fuels his passion for music.

The love and encouragement of Jon B’s family fuels his passion for music.

The family comes first for American singer-songwriter and record producer Jonathan David Buck, also known as Jon B. His wife, Danette Jackson, and he have two stunning daughters together.

He has frequently credited his wife and kids in interviews for his success, saying that they kept him grounded and stoked his love of music.

Buck’s family supported him during his darkest moments.

Buck “developed a sensation of despondency” and thought he had lost his creative flame at one point in his life.

In an interview with Contrast Mag in November 2020, the musician talked about his experience of “feeling lost” and how his family helped him get out of his rut. He explained that the politics of the music industry had harmed his mental health, which led to depression and a decline in his artistic creativity.

But at that time, his family stood by him and watched out for his mental stability. According to Buck’s Family, he felt loved and cherished for his work, which increased his zeal and self-assurance for his music, according to Contrast Mag’s account.

The legendary R&B singer also praised his family for helping him stay composed and together during the challenging COVID-19 outbreak period.

married to the love of his life

Buck, whose parents were Dutch and Jewish, has been happily married to Danette Jackson since 2007.

The artist proudly strolls next to his wife on a number of musical occasions, showing their closeness and love for one another. At one such Soul Train Awards interview, Buck sang “Happy Birthday” to his wife Jackson.

The artist was also asked by Parle Mag in December 2019 whether “Priceless,” his most recent track, was a birthday present for himself. In response, Buck explained that the song was really a tribute to his wife on her 40th birthday.

Without a doubt, the artist has shown his wife thanks and affection in return for her love and support of him.

parents of two beautiful daughters

The Buck and Jackson power couple’s two proud daughters are L’Wren True Buck and Azure Luna Buck. Their oldest daughter L’Wren is 13 years old, while Azure is 7 years old.

The record producer expressed his love for his daughters by posting pictures of them on Father’s Day in 2018. You give me purpose beyond creating, and I’m grateful for my daughters Azure and L’Wren, he wrote. Being your father makes me happy.

On National Daughter’s Day, he once thanked his kids on Instagram for making his life complete.

The musician also routinely thanks the three amazing women in his life in social media messages. In fact, everything shows how much he values and loves his family.