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The Iconic Spiky Reverse Mullet Bob Hair of Kate Gosselin

The Iconic Spiky Reverse Mullet Bob Hair of Kate Gosselin

Fans watched Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, raise eight children on their reality television program, Jon & Kate Plus 8, which ran on the Discovery Health Channel before shifting to TLC, for nearly a decade.

Cara and Mady, the couple’s twins, were born in 2000, while Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, the couple’s sextuplets, were born in 2004.

The show was renamed Kate Plus 8 after the couple divorced in 2009, and the celebrity mother remained in the spotlight.

Her short spiky hair with streaks was legendary in and of itself, and fans knew her not only for her acerbic criticism and verbal assaults on her ex-husband, Jon.

Her hairstyle has been replicated by celebrities and fans, featured in memes, and discussed in periodicals. It became Gosselin’s trademark, and whether or not fans watched her show, she grew in popularity as a result of it.

Her Iconic Hairdo is one of her most recognizable features.

Many fans might not identify her if she didn’t have her signature hairstyle.

It took years of trial and error to get her signature appearance.

Gosselin’s hair was completely brown in her early years, and it was longer than the signature asymmetric blonde haircut she wore on her successful TLC series.

While rising to prominence and living in the public glare, the reality star, a natural brunette, decided for a severe chop and big color change. Everyone was taken aback by the transformation.

Her short hair was not particularly spiky at first, but it grew shorter and shorter over time.

Kate Gosselin’s hairstyle | Wikimedia Commons

As the show’s popularity grew, Gosselin’s hairstyle became shorter and sharper, culminating in her now-iconic crop. She produced a ‘tiger stripe’ appearance by adding chunky unblended highlights for a theatrical flair.

The Gosselin look was formed as a result of this combination of tones, which made her already-famous hair even more distinct. People recognized her because of her haircut.

Gosselin discussed her hairstyle in an interview with People.

Celebrities and Memes that Inspire

Justin Bieber walked the VMAs red carpet in 2015 with deliberately tousled long, side-swept fringe scarecrow hair. When people recognized a connection between Bieber’s hairstyle and that of Gosselin in the mid-2000s, Bieber rapidly became the topic of internet scrutiny.

Bieber even posted an Instagram meme depicting the resemblance, which he has since deleted. Gosselin, on the other hand, got to sit down with Cosmopolitan and provide her opinion on the haircut, earning her cool mom points.

When the Gosselin hairdo became the associated look for “Karens” everywhere, her mane reached new heights of a cultural phenomenon, albeit for all the wrong reasons.

Karens are middle-aged Caucasian women with asymmetrical bobs who are known for their brash personality and catchphrase, “Can I talk to your manager?”

Everyone thinks they’re entitled and oblivious.

Whether or not Gosselin is a “Karen,” one thing is certain: her style has evolved over time.