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The girlfriend of Cole the Cornstar discovered a boyfriend and a compatible best friend in one person.

The girlfriend of Cole the Cornstar discovered a boyfriend and a compatible best friend in one person.

Every couple wants their better half to be a little bit of both their lover and closest friend. Cole The Cornstar appears to have newly discovered love based on his relationship status on YouTube.

The YouTuber is in a relationship with Hneiva Uranga-Nave, another YouTuber. As they frequently flaunt each other on their individual social media accounts, things between them appear to be doing well these days.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2022 with his sweetheart Hneiva Uranga-Nave is Cole the Cornstar. (Instagram as a source)

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For almost two years, Cole the Cornstar has been dating the same woman.

Late in January 2019, Cole first met his girlfriend. Their first encounter took place by the side of the road when Cole assisted Nave in freeing her car from a snowbank.

Cole claims that their very first encounter was sufficient for him to fall in love with her. A few hours after pulling Nave’s car out of the snowbank, he quickly added her as a follower on Instagram and started messaging her.

Nave, on the other hand, wasn’t first drawn to him. But as they conversed more, she grew fond of him, and on February 5, 2019, they made things official.

Since then, they have both been frequently spotted together. YouTubers Cole and his girlfriend are both. They frequently show up in one other’s videos.

It seems sense that the couple uses social media to send each other messages on their birthdays and other special events.

On December 5, 2019, ten months into their relationship, the girlfriend revealed some special experiences she had had with her adoring boyfriend in the form of images and brief videos.

She included a touching caption to the image that touched on their challenging times together as well as the many things she had learned with Cole’s assistance.

She ended her caption by expressing her love for her smart and silly boyfriend/best friend.

Regards, Nave Her closest friend is Cole the Cornstar.

The YouTuber’s girlfriend and Cole are more than just lovers; she considers him to be her best friend.

For instance, she used the occasion to upload a gorgeous photo of her kissing her boyfriend with their motorcycles in the background on July 18, 2020, when she was granted permission to drive a motorbike in the state of Iowa. She also thanked her “best friend” for the accomplishment in the comment and expressed excitement about planning motorcycle adventures with him.

On September 3, 2020, she noted in another Instagram post that when people questioned her if Cole was her boyfriend or best friend, she always said that he was both. Cole has been referred to as Nave’s best friend in a number of her posts.

Having said that, it appears that as time goes on, the “best-friends” are not only getting stronger but are also growing closer together.

Information About the Girlfriend

A 21-year-old woman from Iowa’s suburbs named Hneiva Uranga-Nave. Her French parents, who are preachers, only have one daughter.

She has two siblings in addition to her parents: a younger brother named Braulio and an older brother named Kevin. While her younger brother is still in high school, her older brother is married and employed by a financial institution.