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The Family Life of Danny Garcia’s Daughter Seems to Have Been Inspired by His Girlfriend

The Family Life of Danny Garcia’s Daughter Seems to Have Been Inspired by His Girlfriend

Three-time world champion Danny Garcia rose to prominence in the boxing arena thanks to his outstanding fighting skills. Since making his professional boxing debut on November 17, 2007, against Mike Denby, the fighter held the lineal light welterweight titles from 2012 to 2015.

In addition, he took home the WBC welterweight championship in 2016. Garcia has arguably enjoyed the best life possible in the boxing industry given his evident success over the course of a 14-year career.

And his private life is equally as interesting. Together with his longtime girlfriend, Erica Mendez, he is relishing fatherhood.

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In 2015, Danny Garcia and his girlfriend had a daughter.

Garcia and Mendez’s dating history is unknown, although it is certain that they have been together since 2015. On August 15, 2015, the long-term lovers gave birth to a daughter named Philly Swift Gracia, who is now 6 years old.

Through her Instagram photos, Mendez detailed the birth of her daughter and her pregnancy.

She stated in one update following the birth of her daughter, “My baby girl was delivered at 6:03 AM this morning.” The new mother explained that because her labor lasted for 47 hours, it was difficult for her to deliver the baby girl.

According to her statements, she and her boyfriend had made the decision to give birth to their child at home. But after 24 hours of labor, they eventually followed the advice of their midwife and went to the hospital because the condition didn’t worsen.

In the hospital, Mendez endured the labor for an additional 23 hours. However, things only got worse from there as she developed preeclampsia, a pregnancy problem caused by high blood pressure that damages the liver and kidneys among other body organs.

Mendez agreed to the physicians’ recommendation to have a C-section despite wanting a natural birth because of the complications.

She added in the Instagram post that she had to consider what was best for her and her family.

Mendez added that her daughter was gorgeous and in wonderful health. She concluded the lengthy essay with, “It’s so strange gazing at her because she looks just like me.

Erica Mendez, the girlfriend of Danny Garcia,

The woman who resembles Garcia’s wife is also a singer and aspiring performer. Mendez reportedly began singing at a young age and won numerous regional vocal competitions.

She pursued her interest for opera singing by enrolling at East Stroudsburg University after studying classical music at The Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts.

In 2012, the Philadelphia native composed her own rendition of the national anthem and performed it before 16,000 spectators at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center’s beginning of a boxing match. In front of 44,000 spectators, she also performed The Star-Spangled Banner during a Philadelphia Phillies game.

But that’s not all. Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, Arcangel, Tonio Rosario, Aventura, Tego Calderon, Michael Stuart, and Mendez have all hired Mendez to open for them.

Garcia is a singer as well as a model and a fashion enthusiast. She also owns and operates The Erica’s, a beauty business that offers Botox-based treatments.

Danny Garcia’s Daughter Modeled Herself After Her

Garcia’s daughter has carried on her mother’s legacy. Even though she is just six years old at the time of writing, she has already begun modeling.

The young Gracia served as the face of FashionNova’s kidswear line, Nova Kids. Additionally, Philly also works as a model for her family’s clothing store, DSG, as can be seen on her parents’ Instagram.

Without a doubt, the 6-year-old has given her parents reason for pride.

Mendez even posted on Instagram on April 24, 2020, expressing her delight in having Philly as her daughter.

She expressed her love for her daughter and claimed to have the best daughter in the entire world.