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The Divorce of Jo Koy’s Parents, Her Brother’s Schizophrenia, and Other Family Drama from Jo Koy’s Past

The Divorce of Jo Koy’s Parents, Her Brother’s Schizophrenia, and Other Family Drama from Jo Koy’s Past

Jo Koy is a comedian who frequently draws humor from his personal life, including his upbringing and his family.

His mom, sisters, and adolescent son are all fair game for his jokes. His father, however, has never participated in his stand-up routines.

Take a peek at his family tree to learn why only his father is left out of his shows.

Jo Koy lost his father when he was 10 years old.

Koy, whose given name is Joseph Glenn Herbert, was raised along with his three siblings by their mother after their father abandoned the family. The comedian, when just 10, was a huge hit. The comic told Fatherly that this was the real reason his father never appeared in any of his jokes or was the focus of any of his shows.

Koy’s father re-entered his son’s life during his collegiate years. When he first started doing comedy, his mom wasn’t very encouraging, but his dad was all in, and the two of them became quite close because of it.

The Mother of Jo Koy’s Four Children

His Filipino mother, Josie Harrison, raised him, his two sisters, and his brother after his father abandoned the family. Koy’s mother is the inspiration for many of his stand-up routines and the inspiration for his success.

Before Harrison retired, he also hosted a radio talk show. Koy was a guest on her talk program, and he often makes light of the fact that his mother is a radio host.

The Schizophrenia-Inflicted Brother of Jo Koy

In an interview with DJ Vlad from 2017, Koy said that his brother required constant supervision due to a serious form of schizophrenia.

When they were kids, his brother would occasionally put on a show, dressing up like a cop or member of the military.

Koy added that he hoped his son would meet his uncle since it would teach him valuable life skills.

Jo Koy’s Divorce and Parenting Their Son

Koy’s ex-wife gave birth to their kid. Even though their marriage didn’t work out and they divorced some time ago, they are managing to make it work.

The comedian told Kelly Clarkson that he and his ex were close and did everything they could for their child.

When speaking to Fatherly, Koy also discussed their efforts to make their divorce work.

Koy claims that his son has such a high regard for both him and his ex because they treat their boy like a buddy.