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The Defamation Part of Blac Chyna’s Case Is Won by Kim Kardashian

The Defamation Part of Blac Chyna’s Case Is Won by Kim Kardashian

The jury in Blac Chyna’s case is still debating whether the Kardashians are to blame for her reality show’s failure, but Kim Kardashian has already won a huge victory.

Chyna’s defamation claim against Kim was recently dismissed by the judge, who determined that KK made no defamatory words about Rob’s ex.

Even if Kim didn’t explicitly make false claims against Chyna, her lawyer contended, she essentially co-signed defamatory and libelous statements purportedly made by other Kardashian family members.

The judge disagreed, stating that there was ZERO evidence that Kim played a “responsible role” in the many remarks that have been the focal point of Chyna’s case.

Chyna’s lawyer tried to promote the idea that Kim winked or otherwise validated claims about Chyna’s proclivity for violence toward Rob. Kim was also a co-signer on other people who reportedly trash-talked Chyna to E! executives, according to Chyna’s lawyers.

Having said that, the jury still has a lot to think about. Other defamation cases have been filed against members of the Kardashian family, as well as a claim that they purposefully sabotaged her reality program.

For that allegation, Chyna was seeking $40 million.

The jury is still deliberating.