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Fans of PewDiePie are furious with a Gen V show character that disparages him!

Fans of PewDiePie are furious with a Gen V show character that disparages him!

The Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie has a devoted following. They were recently infuriated by some contentious words made about their idol in an episode of Gen V, the spinoff of The Boys. Understand the entire tale here.

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PewDiePie and the divisive comments made about him

PewDiePie, a Swedish YouTuber, has a large following. Since 2010, the 33-year-old online celebrity has been active on social media. His channel, which typically features comic and sarcastic videos, has over 111 million subscribers.

Gen V, the Amazon spinoff series about The Boys, recently experienced blowback after one of the characters made some contentious remarks about him. The plot of the show revolves around a group of superheroes, or college students, who enroll in a university to develop their superpowers.

Following some racist remarks he made in one of his videos, the Swedish YouTuber encountered some difficulties in 2017. Subsequently, he was lumped under the YouTuber category for racism. The label had been fading gradually, but this incident caused it to resurface.

One of the characters in the show who has a sizable fan base and a YouTube account says this:

I resemble PewDiePie in certain ways, except the **** stuff.

Additionally, these comments infuriated and enraged the well-known YouTuber’s followers.

“Blessed #Pewdiepie, going about his business with his new baby… In the meantime, the Boys sequel, #genV:”

One of PewDiePie’s fans on Twitter wrote:

“I’m not watching it right now,”

“Excellent writing.”

One more question:

“Are they really that disconnected?”

“I recently watched the first Gen V episode, and I thought it was good. Besides that line, that is. We cringed at it. However, PewDiePie’s current goal is to raise his child well. May God reward him for that.

An additional admirer said:

“That Gen V Pewdiepie line was so f**king corny and bad that I cannot escape the emotional torment it sits under, even though I know it has already been mocked to death.”

Another wrote as well:

“Yes, it does seem like poor writing, lol.”

Another note said:

“It seems to me that the writers of The Boys Universe are all forty-year-old men who believe that 2016 is still in the distant past whenever they make any reference to internet culture.”

Another fan added this:

What grievances do they have with the man? He hasn’t done anything in years.

The break for PewDiePie in Japan

The Swedish YouTuber has not yet responded to this disparaging remark made about him by Gen V. He is not posting videos on his personal life in Japan and is on break.

The well-known figure on social media is content as a father. In July 2023, their son Bjorn was born. His child and family now come first, and he has taken a semi-retired role on YouTube.

In his videos, PewDiePie features his son. He explained this behavior by pointing out how important Bjorn is to their life. During September 2023, he vlogged:

“We weren’t sure how much of Bjorn we would show, but it kind of happens because he plays such a significant role in our lives,”

“And he’s so adorable that I can’t resist showing him off.”

Marzia Bisongin, the YouTuber’s girlfriend, whom he dated for eight years. And 2019 saw their marriage. This year was their fourth wedding anniversary, and the family is currently living a tranquil life in Japan.