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The Baby Controversy with Zonnique Pullins Tiny Harris, her mother, is on her side.

The Baby Controversy with Zonnique Pullins Tiny Harris, her mother, is on her side.

Zonnique Pullins, a young R&B singer, is known by her stage name Miss Star, which she gained while performing with Bahja Rodriguez and Breanna Womack in the girl band OMG Girlz. After the band disbanded, she went on to pursue a solo career.

Pullins is now collaborating with a rapper named Bandhunta Izzy. She is not only with him, but she is also about to give birth to his child. She was seen enthusiastically flaunting her baby bump in front of the world. Her pregnancy was also a source of contention in her relationship with her partner. As if that wasn’t enough drama, Pullins was also embroiled in a family conflict when her stepmother publicly dissed her mother.

Zonnique Pullins Can’t Stop Showing Off Her Pregnancy

Pullins announced her pregnancy to the world in August of this year by officially announcing it on Instagram.

She acknowledged her pregnancy in the message, referencing a “bundle of joy” with her partner, Badhunta Izzy. She then said she was going “back into her corner” since she was a private person who only gave this information when she was ready.

Pullins appears to be very proud of her baby bulge, as she has been seen proudly flashing it on several occasions.

Despite the fact that this is her first pregnancy, she appears to be at ease and ready to face the challenges that pregnancy brings.

Pullins was seen on the cover of People magazine in August, showing off her baby belly in all its glory.

She said in the same issue that she was looking forward to the maturity and responsibility that comes with parenthood.

She was also revealed to be five months pregnant. As a result, if the math is correct, she should be expecting the baby any day now.

However, not everything with Pullins was perfect. She also admitted that having to deliver a baby during the current pandemic was wearing her down. She had to go to the doctor alone since the physicians wouldn’t let her bring her baby daddy.

Pullins was chastised for not marrying her baby daddy.

Pullins is not married to Badhunta Izzy, contrary to popular belief, and she prefers to keep it that way for the time being. Others in the industry, particularly her peers and critics, were less enthusiastic about her predicament.

Critics pounced on her once she announced her pregnancy, accusing her of having the child out of wedlock.

Pullins discussed this in-depth in a now-deleted Hollywoodlife article, which covered. Despite the comments, she said she was not ready to marry since she believed she was still too young. She went on to say that marriage was much more of a commitment for her.

Pullins was probably feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the circumstances and the thought of a future marriage with Badhunta Izzy, based on her account.

After getting trapped in the center of it all, Pullins was swiftly rescued by her mother, Tiny Harris. Harris retaliated by claiming that she wasn’t married when she had Pullins and that it didn’t end out so badly. In fact, Harris stated that they were both doing well at the moment.

Her biological father disowned Pullins.

Pullins, her mother, her real father, and her stepmother were all involved in a bitter public battle that surfaced in 2016.

Pullins’ step-mom Cheryl sparked the fight by blasting rapper T.I. (Pullins’ step-father) for claiming Pullins as his own daughter and how he helped raise her.

Harris, not wanting to be outdone, retaliated by leaping at her. She reminded Cheryl that T.I had been a part of Pullins’ life since she was five years old, even helping to pay for her schooling. She said that T.I. was a better parent to her daughter than her biological father. Pullins also joined the debate and defended her mother. Pullins’ father, Zonnie ‘Zebo’ Pullins, allegedly disowned her at this time.

Tiny Harris, Pullins’ mother, had her in 1996 while dating Zonnie Pullins. After Pullins was born in 1998, they split up two years later. However, this material originates from a source that has since been removed, so proceed with caution.

At the age of 22, Zonnique Pullins’ Imperfect Family.

Zonnique Pullins was born in Georgia on March 20, 1996. Tameka Harris, her mother, is known in the music industry as Tiny and enjoys her own success as an R&B singer. Zonnique Pullins is the stepdaughter of famed rapper T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, and her biological father’s name is Zonnie Pullins.

The 22-year-old has six siblings: four brothers, Messiah, King, Major, and Domani, and two sisters, Deyjah and Heiress, who live with her parents.

The family of the blue-eyed diva is as large as it is flawed. Tiny, her mother, and T., her stepfather I’ve been married for a long time, but their marriages have been on a rocky foundation. Tiny even filed for divorce in early 2016, and the couple split up later that year.