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Tessa Brooks and Bryce Hall React to Dating Rumors

Tessa Brooks and Bryce Hall React to Dating Rumors

Fans of Bryce Hall, one of the most popular TikTok performers, are often curious about his dating life. Since his highly publicized breakup with fellow TikToker Addison Rae, he’s been linked to a slew of women, including model Josie Canseco and MTV sensation Tana Mongeau.

And, despite the reports, Hall has yet to make an official relationship with anyone.

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Rumors of Bryce Hall and Tessa Brooks dating

However, on December 1, rumors that Hall was dating YouTuber Tessa Brooks resurfaced after he shared an old viral paparazzi photo of himself with Brooks on Facebook. The latter appeared to be staring at him with adoration.

Brooks quickly responded with a photo of Hall with a bleeding nose from a boxing battle he lost to Austin McBroom. Although Brooks’ response could imply anything, many interpreted it to suggest she wasn’t going to let Hall outshine her and trolled Hall.

Fans were enraged by the online engagement, but it wasn’t the only thing on the internet that had them enraged. On TikTok, a video of Hall placing his arm around Brooks while they were out and about went viral.

Brooks, who was annoyed by Hall’s action, swiftly and severely removed his arm.

Tessa Brooks and Bryce Hall put an end to rumors.

Following their Twitter exchange, the two influencers sat down to discuss the romance allegations that surfaced in one of Hall’s latest videos.

In an unplanned Q&A session, the two answered fans’ questions. Hall explained that the video was not intended to be clickbait and addressed their history, referring to the viral paparazzi footage in which Brooks gave him “the sex eyes.”

Brooks, on the other hand, disputed it, claiming that Hall had urged her to kiss him and that she was inebriated. Brooks teased Hall about Mongeau being his girlfriend at one time, but Hall quickly denied it. They laughed and affirmed that they were just really good buddies.

Hall also dismissed rumors that the two were dating. He said they had merely exchanged a kiss and nothing else. Brooks stated that Hall kissed everyone and that they were inebriated every time they kissed.

The TikToker initially disputed the allegations, but later conceded that Brooks was just “one of the dudes,” adding that she was “really in love… just not with [him].”

Tessa Brooks and Bryce Hall’s Viral Video

This wasn’t the first time the pair collaborated on a video to counter allegations about them

Last year, the paparazzi got Hall and Brooks appearing like they were going to kiss on many occasions, sending fans into a frenzy. They were photographed looking comfortable at Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood.

Fans went crazy, shipping the two, leaving them little choice but to clarify their situation. The couple denied they were dating in a YouTube video titled ‘Are we dating?’ that has since been removed.

Brooks admitted that she would never date Hall and that they were “just buddies.”