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Tariq Nasheed’s Wife Peanut Nasheed, Married To Him Since 2014

Tariq Nasheed’s Wife Peanut Nasheed, Married To Him Since 2014

Peanut Nasheed is Tariq Nasheed’s wife, an American social media pundit and film producer. Tariq Nasheed, her celebrity husband, is a prominent humorist, published author, and music host in addition to being a successful director. Mr. Nasheed is well known for developing the Hidden Colors documentary film series.

Tariq Nasheed, aka King Flex, is garnering a lot of media exposure these days, and his beloved wife, Peanut, isn’t far behind. So, let’s have a look at the lives of Tariq Nasheed’s wife, Peanut Nasheed, and their happy marriage.

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Tariq Nasheed is her husband. Since the year 2014,

In 2014, Peanut Nasheed married Tariq Nasheed in a private ceremony attended by a few of their family members. The Nasheeds have been tight-lipped about how they met and agreed to marry. However, based on Tariq Nasheed’s Instagram, it appears that they had been living together for some years prior to their wedding.

Peanut hasn’t been seen with her famous husband, Tariq Nasheed, in about a decade. Unlike many celebrity couples, though, they are still deeply in love and support one another in every scenario. On Tariq’s social media accounts, the lovely couple can frequently be seen going on romantic outings and spending precious time together.

Tariq Nasheed and his lovely wife, Peanut Nasheed, go on romantic dates frequently. Peanut Nasheed’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Tariq Nasheed is normally silent about his beautiful wife, Peanut’s personal life, but he never hesitates to express his love and admiration for her on his social media accounts. Peanut’s caring partner often showers her with so much love during various events since she officially became Tariq Nasheed’s wife.

Tariq shared a video of him celebrating Peanut’s birthday at one of Malibu’s eateries a few years back. It’s apparent that the couple never misses an opportunity to display their love and concern for one another. We can only hope that their love and support for one another remains as strong as it is now until the end of their lives.

Tariq Nasheed’s mother to three children

Peanut Nasheed, Tariq Nasheed’s wife, is the proud mother of three young sons named Asir Cairo Nasheed, Mateo Cress Nasheed, and Tariq Alexandar Nasheed (TJ in short). Peanut gave birth to Tariq Jr., her first child with Tariq, a year before their February 2013 wedding.

Tariq Nasheed and Peanut’s second kid, Asir Cairo, was born in February 2015, a day before their eldest child’s birthday. Peanut, the overjoyed mother, had shared the happy news of their second son’s arrival on her Instagram page. She shared a photo of herself cradling her child and said that she gave birth to him naturally, without the use of any painkillers.

Peanut also welcomed Tariq Nasheed’s baby, Mateo, into the world in September 2016. Peanut is also a loving stepmother to Taria Nasheed, Tariq Nasheed’s daughter from a previous relationship. In 2018, her step-daughter, with whom she has a close relationship, graduated from high school. As a result, she may currently be pursuing her higher education at the university of her choice.

Peanut Nasheed, Tariq Nasheed’s wife, is the mother of four children. Her strong love, care, and support for her children, which she displays on her Instagram profile, demonstrates that she is an excellent mother and wife.

What’s New With Tariq Nasheed’s Wife?

Peanut Nasheed, Tariq Nasheed’s partner, was born Alexis Cobb. Her close friends and family, including her husband, Tariq, refer to her as Lexi and Tha. The specifics of her life before to meeting Mr. Nasheed remain out of reach of the media. However, based on the posts she and Tariq have made on their own social media accounts, we can see that she has been involved in religious activity since she was a child.

Peanut, or Alexis, enjoys assisting the less fortunate, particularly abandoned children who lack a safe place to live and food to eat. Furthermore, her social media presence suggests that she enjoys modeling and has already worked in the field. However, neither she nor her significant other have revealed anything about her modeling work.

Peanut uses the moniker ‘Lex2thae’ on Instagram, where she usually posts images of her two young sons and other family members. Her social media posts show that she is enjoying her life as a mother of three children and the wife of a loving husband. Let’s hope we hear more from Peanut in the days ahead.

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