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Tanner Foust Has A Daughter – With Whom? Tanner Foust Has An Obscure Wife & Gay Rumors, Has A Daughter – With Whom?

Tanner Foust Has A Daughter – With Whom? Tanner Foust Has An Obscure Wife & Gay Rumors, Has A Daughter – With Whom?

Tanner Foust, a professional racing driver, maybe has a good job, but how is his personal life now that it has become public knowledge that he has a daughter?

Tanner Foust is well-known for winning national championships and setting world records in rally, drift, ice racing, time attack, and rallycross. He was a co-host on the American version of Top Gear, a motoring television show.

Tanner Foust puts his drift standard to the test. Rod Millen’s Leadfoot Festival in New Zealand in a VW Passat (Published on 21 March 2016)

Tanner has a variety of cars, including a 2015 Volkswagen GRC Beetle, a 2015 Volkswagen WRX Polo, a 2015 Volkswagen Drift Passat, and a 2017 Polaris RZR Turbo as a devoted car racer.

Tanner Foust’s passion for car racing has resulted in a massive net worth for him.

Tanner Foust, who was born on June 13, 1973, grew up in Scotland, where he discovered rallying at a young age and learned to drive on the back roads near his house. He spent his summers at the track, working as a technician in exchange for seat time in race cars.

Tanner, 45, began working as an ice driving coach soon after and participated in anything he could, including rally and drifting, eventually becoming a professional racer in 2003. Tanner’s career as a professional racer took a detour when he became a co-host of Top Gear, which was taken up by the History Channel.

He began hosting shows like SPEED Channel’s SuperCars Exposed and ESPN’s Import Tuners as soon as he began appearing on television. The rally driver has competed in numerous rallies and even won gold in Rally Car Racing and Rally Car Super Rally at the X Games XVI in 2010.

Tanner was the first American to compete in the European Rallycross Championship, and he quickly established himself as a regular ERC competitor, competing in all of the FIA series’ rounds. With all of his contributions and accomplishments, it’s no surprise that Tanner has a net worth of $1.2 million.

In the middle of gay rumors, Tanner Foust has a wife, but who is she?

Tanner is particularly skilled at keeping the specifics of his personal life hidden, but he did reveal that he had a daughter once. You read that correctly: the car racer has a 13-year-old daughter, which no one knew about.

That’s because Tanner has been quite tight with himself in an effort to keep that information hidden, and boy has he succeeded. The fact that he has a daughter is the only thing he has revealed; he has never mentioned his wife or his daughter’s mother.

Tanner is frequently associated with sports reporter Katie Osborne, despite the fact that he hasn’t had many flings. After all, why wouldn’t they? The two routinely share photos of themselves together on social media, and they are extremely lovely. People are speculating that she is the racer’s wife.

Look at Those Adorable Smiles: Tanner and his rumored wife Katie Osborne pose for a photo on a day out (Photo: Katie Osborne’s Instagram | September 19, 2018)

It would be one thing if they only uploaded images of each other and wished each other a happy birthday, but they really go out together, implying that there is something going on between them.

Katie also appears to have a strong interest in cars, as evidenced by her Instagram profile. That leads to the impression that she is the ideal wife for Tanner.

While his relationship with Katie is ambiguous, the fact that he is tied to her has kept him from addressing the possibility that he is gay.

Finally, let us hope that Tanner will one day feel comfortable enough to reveal his daughter’s and wife’s identities to the rest of the world.