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Tanisha Thomas Discusses Her Weight Loss Efforts — It’s more of a marathon than a race.

Tanisha Thomas Discusses Her Weight Loss Efforts — It’s more of a marathon than a race.

Tanisha Thomas weighed 300 pounds when she was at her heaviest and 168 pounds when she was at her thinnest.

The reality star was frank about her weight loss process and the hurdles she had to overcome in a May 2021 interview with HelloBeautiful.

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She was pushed over the edge by a bad breakup.

When asked about her weight, Thomas admitted that it has been and still is a work in progress.

After she left an abusive and poisonous relationship, Thomas began to take responsibility for her health. She admitted she was a complete disaster at the time, despite the fact that she suffered in quiet.

She was able to achieve her lowest body weight because of her newfound determination. Her weight began to fluctuate dramatically when she became a mother.

Obtaining Motivation

In a 2015 interview with Bossip, Thomas said that her weight loss journey started with her book “The Diary of a Fat Girl,” where “FAT” stood for “Fed up and Tired.”

She mentioned that she had already been on a year and a half of a journey to become a healthy person, emotionally, physically, and spiritually when the interview was conducted.

She had lost 70 pounds, developed a strong spiritual connection with God, meditated, reflected, and sought counseling because she was tired of claiming to be sick and fatigued all of the time.

She opted for weight loss surgery at first.

She also mentioned in the interview that when she was heavy, she used to get swollen feet just from being on set and felt unwell in general. So, in order to regain control, she underwent surgery.

When she went to her doctors, however, they told her she needed to shed 30 pounds merely to be considered for the treatment. The doctors ran her blood as part of the normal procedure.

When the physicians received the results of her bloodwork, they discovered that she needed to lose fifty pounds on her own and that she was diabetic on the verge of being diabetic.

“Diabetes has a number of 7.0, and I was at a 6.7,” she explained.

The Beginning of Understanding

She knew at that moment that being obese was actively making her life worse. “You’re practically murdering yourself and taking away 12 years from your life,” the physicians said, according to her.

So she started planning for liposuction, a surgical procedure for weight loss.

She started a liquid diet under the guidance of her doctor. She also made it clear that this was not a path for everyone.

However, she lost nearly forty pounds in just two and a half months after switching to a liquid diet, an accomplishment she attributed to her dedication.

Returning to her HelloBeautiful interview, the five-year-old Thomas now saw maintaining a good physique and lifestyle as a marathon rather than a race.

Aside from regularly working on her figure, the reality star of Bad Girls Club also thanked God for everything she has.