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Tana Mongeau Confuses Everyone About Her Dating Life When She Reveals She Has a Boyfriend

Tana Mongeau Confuses Everyone About Her Dating Life When She Reveals She Has a Boyfriend

On October 5, 2021, during an interview with Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar’s famed weekly podcast, Zane and Heath: UNFILTERED, social media star Tana Mongeau acknowledged being in a relationship.

After Matt King questioned Mongeau if she was in a relationship, the topic of her dating status arose. “Yes,” the YouTube sensation responded, chuckling and pondering, “Why is that usually my answer?”

Following the response, the 23-year-old revealed information about her relationship, including the fact that her partner had tattooed her name the night before. The talk was then dragged down by one of the hosts, Heath Hussar, who asked Mongeau how long she had been dating her boyfriend.

Mongeau shockingly revealed that she has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with the man since January 2021. They had already broken up eight times, she added.

Mongeau’s contradictory response came just a few days after she proclaimed her single status on Instagram on September 7, 2021. She had written “single” in strong white writing with a smiley face emoji.

Mongeau routinely uploaded screenshots and texts from her fans and followers after her announcement. Many of the notes expressed optimism that the MTV celebrity will find the perfect match for her.

Is Tana Mongeau back with Chris Miles?

There’s a lot of speculation that the boyfriend Mongeau named in the YouTube video is her ex-partner Chris Miles, real name Christopher Miles Marshak.

Mongeau and Miles are believed to have been dating in early 2021. “I HAVE A BOYFRIENDDDDDDD,” the online sensation tweeted on July 8, 2021, announcing their romance.

She continued, “7-7-202 is the phone number. I WILL LOVE YOU FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, “before commenting on the post and tagging Miles.

While Mongeau’s fans were still figuring out her relationship status, the social media influencer threw everyone for a loop by announcing her breakup with Miles in a separate post. “I was simply abandoned and dropped. I’m no longer married “she explained.

Then she tweeted a photo of herself and Miles sharing a bed, implying that they were back together. Despite the update, there has been no mention of Mongeau and the rapper’s relationship in the news for months.

That is, until September 16, 2021, when the gossip site Def Noodles posted a video on Twitter announcing their reconciliation. The duo was seen having a conversation amid a packed party with pals in the five-second film.

The video’s caption read, “Tana Mongeau and boyfriend Chris Miles are back together less than a week after splitting up for the second time.”

While the reconciliation news and Mongeau’s admission of having an on-again, off-again relationship suggest she may have reconciled with her ex-boyfriend, nothing can be known for sure until she clears the air.

Aside from Miles, Jake Paul, Lil Xan, Mod Sun, Bella Thorne, and Hunter Moreno have all been romantically linked to the Nevada native.