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Take it from a bride who had one of the most beautiful ‘Star Wars’ themed weddings in Los Angeles.

Take it from a bride who had one of the most beautiful ‘Star Wars’ themed weddings in Los Angeles.

Everyone wants their wedding to be one-of-a-kind and memorable. There are many wedding themes and styles to pick from, but people are becoming more creative and going all out with themed weddings that contain their favorite fantasy to add that personal touch.

A fantasy-themed wedding can get a poor rap at times, but when done correctly, it can truly bring one’s fantasies to life.

Jennifer Landa went ahead and did just that. She and her husband Joshua planned a Star Wars-themed wedding reception that went viral because she is a lifelong Star Wars fan.

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Jennifer and Joshua’s Wedding Details

Jennifer and Joshua’s stunning Star Wars-themed wedding was not only a success, but it also got traction and was published by a number of publications, including Huff Post on February 2nd, 2015.

The pair exchanged vows and “I Dos” on the rooftop of the loftSEVEN Penthouse in Downtown Los Angeles, which featured a beautiful view of the cityscape.

As incredible as it may seem, the bride was the one who endorsed the entire ‘Star Wars’ motif, telling the Huffington Post that her devotion ‘runs deep.’

The bride told the Huff Post that rather than making the wedding all geeky and loaded with references, they wanted to keep it understated. They went all out for their reception, with lightsabers for everyone, but the cherry on top was when the bride’s father appeared on the dance floor dressed as Darth Vader.

The bride answered the most frequently asked questions about her wedding on her YouTube channel.

She began the Q&A portion of the film by exposing the identity of the well-equipped Strom troops. She said the couple was fortunate to have their pals Michael Bender and Mark Edwards from the 501st Legion, a Star Wars costuming society.

Her Wedding’s Most Memorable Moments

The bride then goes on to discuss her favorite Star Wars wedding details. Her favorite aspect of the wedding, she said, was the self-made stormtrooper-inspired belt she wore to the reception.

Her Millennium Falcon, which was positioned atop the flower sculpture (which symbolized Cloud City) to make it look like it was flying, was another detail she adored.

The bride said that she had originally planned on having Kimberly Baily, proprietor of The Buttery End Cakery, create a millennium falcon cake for her wedding.

To keep the wedding understated, the couple chose a simpler cake by Bailey, complete with a Tauntaun and Wampa topper and all the nuances that made her fall in love with it.

The bride also included two Leia flower girls with the trademark Leia Buns, as a nod to the classic Star Wars heroine Princess Leia.

In her video, she also offers some tips to those who want to hold a similar wedding. Her suggestions ranged from tiny touches to including some surprise elements into the overall event.

Advice From AMM For A Star Wars Wedding

As the popularity of themed weddings grew, American Marriage Ministries (AMM) published an article to assist couples in planning their own Star Wars-themed wedding.

AMM gathered a list of ideas and advice from other couples in their article to assist future brides and grooms in planning their own Star Wars-themed wedding.

Hiring a wedding planner was at the top of their priority list, followed by deciding on aesthetics, selecting a venue, establishing your color palette, and making wedding invites.

The second part of the article focused on costume and decoration suggestions, such as how to incorporate Star Wars into a party.

AMM concludes her suggestions by advising couples to incorporate some memorable reception components, such as an interactive photo booth, so that guests will never forget how much fun they had and how unique the wedding was.