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Take A Look At The List Of Seth MacFarlane’s Girlfriends, He Hasn’t Married Yet, Has He?

Take A Look At The List Of Seth MacFarlane’s Girlfriends, He Hasn’t Married Yet, Has He?

Many celebrities throughout the world have committed their entire lives to advancing their careers rather than establishing a family. Among the countless famous people distributed over the globe, Seth MacFarlane, an American actor and musician, is one who is relishing his life as a bachelor. Since the mid-1990s, he has had tremendous success in the American entertainment world. He has directed, written, and starred in a number of well-known films and television series, including Family Guy, his long-running animated sitcom.

Seth MacFarlane’s hot and dashing career as a singer and actor has earned him countless honours and added millions of dollars to his net worth. However, there is no record of this attractive hunk and his companion exchanging a formal ‘I do’. Despite never allowing any woman to be referred to as his wife, MacFarlane dated some of Hollywood’s most famous actresses. Explore Seth MacFarlane’s list of ex-girlfriends who he never married.

Emilia Clarke (2012–2013) was a British actress who starred in a number of films.

Emilia Clarke is one of Hollywood’s most well-known actresses. She is best known for her portrayal of Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones. Clark began dating Seth MacFarlane in 2012, according to reports. MacFarlane and Clarke attended a number of red carpet events together while they were dating. The former couple did not shy away from flaunting their romantic relationship in public, whether it was at a friend’s party or while out shopping.

Emilia Clarke was Seth MacFarlane’s girlfriend from 2012 until 2013. Emilia Clarke’s Instagram account was used to create this image.

Seth MacFarlane’s romance with the English beauty, on the other hand, lasted only about six months before they parted ways in 2013. Clarke confessed to E! three years after her divorce from Seth that strangers began giving her love advice about her relationship with MacFarlane, which she didn’t like. Furthermore, the publication stated that the lovers’ separation was exacerbated by their long-distance relationship.

Dushku, Eliza (2008)

Before meeting Emilia Clark, Eliza Dushku, the star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was Seth MacFarlane’s girlfriend. Their romance, however, only lasted a month, from January to February of the same year.

Eliza Dushku dated Seth MacFarlane for a short time. Eliza Dushku’s Facebook page is the source of this image.

MacFarlane began seeing Dushku after meeting her through mutual friends, according to sources. They adored each other’s company, and Dushku adored Seth’s ability to make her laugh. At the time, neither of them wanted the media to know about their relationship. Nonetheless, they were discovered by the media. Their relationship did not stand the test of time, either.

Amanda Bynes is a well-known actress (2008)

In 2008, Seth MacFarlane was linked to Amanda Bynes, a former award-winning American actress. They were seen together throughout the 2008 Fox Soiree and departing the same night for another party. Many people assumed MacFarlane was dating Bynes because he said in an interview that night that he had to run because his girlfriend, Amanda Bynes, was fleeing.

Seth MacFarlane was joined by Amanda Bynes to a few public engagements. Social media is the source of this image.

However, as with many of MacFarlane’s hookups, this one did not last long. The previous couple, MacFarlane and Bynes, split up a few weeks later in the same year.

Trisha Cummings (2010–2012) Trisha Cummings (2010–2012) Trisha Cummings (2010–

Trisha Cummings, who made her name on MTV’s 2007 season of The Real World Sydney, is said to have dated Seth MacFarlane from 2010 to 2012. Despite their best efforts to keep their romance disguised, the media caught them together on multiple occasions.

Trisha Cummings and Seth MacFarlane dated for two years. Trisha Cummings shared this photo on Facebook.

Seth MacFarlane did not propose to Cummings on one knee, as he had done in previous relationships. Despite their two-year relationship, Seth’s admirers were not expecting him to marry again this time.

Kat Foster is a writer who lives in the United

Kat Foster, who starred in the film ‘Til Death,’ is another well-known face associated with Seth MacFarlane.

Kat Foster is a character in the film Kat Foster. She is known for her roles in Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Royal Pains, among other films and television shows. Kat was also seen in a few episodes of Family Guy.

Seth MacFarlane dated Kat Foster for a short time. Social media is the source of this image.

From January 2007 through January 2008, Foster was in a romantic relationship with Emmy-winning actor Seth MacFarlane. She is currently engaged to Jim Hustead.

Campbell, Christa (2006)

Christa Campbell is an American actress and producer known for her roles in films such as Day of the Dead, The Big Wedding, and Lonely Hearts. Campbell is also a business partner of producer Lati Grobman, with whom he created the Campbell Grobman Films Production Company.

Christa Campbell has previously dated Seth MacFarlane. Social media is the source of this image.

In 2006, Seth MacFarlane dated Christa Campbell, who is a year his senior. Campbell was significantly more well-known in the entertainment industry than MacFarlane when the two began dating. Even though they were in a relationship, the former lovebirds attended a number of red carpet events together. Seth, like other couples, was unable to maintain his link with Campbell for long, and they divorced the following year.

Katie Sah is a writer who lives in New York City (2009)

Katie Sah is another stunning lady that dated writer Seth MacFarlane. She is most recognized for her brief appearance on Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy television show. Sah has also been in critically praised films such as Couch Surfer and Deadly Affairs. She has also performed as a voiceover actress and in advertisements.

In 2009, Katie Sah was in a committed relationship with Seth MacFarlane. Katie Sah/Facebook. Image credit: Katie Sah/Facebook.

After her divorce from Dave Days in 2009, Katie Sah dated Seth MacFarlane. In 2009, she accompanied MacFarlane to a number of award ceremonies and TV programs. They did, however, end their romance after only a brief time together.

Kate Todd is a writer who lives in New York (2008- 2009)

Kate Todd, a Canadian actress and singer, won Best New Album at the 2012 Radio Nation Music Awards for her debut album Finding My Way. Between 2008 and 2009, she was in a committed relationship with Seth MacFarlane.

Todd and MacFarlane were romantically linked for a short time, but they remained excellent friends after their breakup. Todd continued to publish images of herself with MacFarlane on her social media accounts even after they split up.

Jessica Barth is a writer who lives in New York City

Jessica Barth, a stunning blonde actress, is another well-known figure romantically associated to Seth MacFarlane. Barth is most known for playing Tami-Lynn McCafferty in the Ted films and their sequels. She also made news after coming forward as a victim of sexual harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein, a former American film producer.

Jessica Barth and Seth MacFarlane had a brief relationship. Social media is the source of this image.

In 2006, Jessica Barth and Seth MacFarlane had a brief romance.

Jessica Szohr is a writer who lives in New York City.

Jessica Szohr is another Jessica who dated Seth MacFarlane. Szohr has starred in a number of popular television sitcoms and drama series, including My Wife and Kids, CSI: Miami, and Gossip Girl. In the 2018 science fiction series The Orville, she collaborated with Seth.

Szohr is currently married to Brad Richardson and the mother of a young daughter, but she had a brief relationship with MacFarlane in 2014.

Alexis Knapp is a model and actress.

Seth MacFarlane was alleged to be having an affair with Pitch Perfect actress Alexis Knapp in mid-2013. Knapp had surreptitiously hooked up with Seth MacFarlane earlier that year, according to US Weekly in June 2013. Knapp was pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Phillippe’s child at the time.

However, shortly after reports of Seth MacFarlane’s romance with Alexis Knapp began to spread like wildfire, MacFarlane appeared in front of the press and claimed the rumors were incorrect. He informed the press that he and Knapp had been close friends for years and that they had nothing else in common.

Sage, Halston

Seth MacFarlane is currently seeing Halston Sage, the actress from the film Prodigal Son, after multiple failed relationships. Sage has been in a number of other TV shows, including How to Rock, Crisis, The Orville, and Paper Towns.

Seth MacFarlane’s most recent girlfriend was actress Halston Sage. Halston Sage’s Facebook page is the source of this image.

Seth MacFarlane and Halston Sage were first photographed together in 2017 on a pleasant date at Los Angeles’ Nerano Italian restaurant. They were dressed casually, as though they were completely at ease with one another. Since then, the couple has been spotted together at a variety of events and public locations. Sage is also rumored to be dating actor Zac Efron, according to numerous news outlets. Efron, on the other hand, is dating Vanessa Valladares. As a result, Sage and MacFarlane could still be dating.

As a result, Seth MacFarlane had more than a dozen attractive and glamorous Tinseltown girls in his life. He, on the other hand, avoided marriage like the plague. But we’re hoping that his current girlfriend, Halston Sage, will change his attitude about marriage. Let’s hope Seth is able to settle down with his love, Halston Sage, this time.

Did we leave anyone off the list of Seth MacFarlane’s girlfriends? If you know of any more, please let us know so that we can look into their dating history and inform you about them.

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