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Take a Look at Christina Ricci’s Tattoos

Take a Look at Christina Ricci’s Tattoos

If you grew up in the 1990s, you’ve probably heard of Christina Ricci.

Ricci is most remembered for her role as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family, which she catapulted to popularity as a child performer.

Many of her fans have tattooed Wednesday’s face on their bodies as a tribute to her character.

The actress is grateful for her fans’ support since she is frequently seen on Instagram examining and sharing her followers’ tattoos.

This could be the outcome of her own tattoo fixation. Ricci’s tattoos are as well-known as the roles she plays on film.

Ricci, 41, has a total of eight tattoos, which she proudly displays on social media.

Christina Ricci’s Tattoos Have Meanings

Ricci’s most well-known tattoo is a pair of folded hands on her belly.

The silhouette of a bat’s wings can be seen in the two hands that are depicted in a prayer position. Faith and aspirations are symbolized my folded hands.

She has a lion tattooed on her right shoulder blade, which is a direct homage to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The novel was one of her favorites as a kid, which explains why the lion is her favorite tattoo.

Her right breast is tattooed with a sparrow, which can be seen peeking through her clothing.

She also has a distinctive mermaid tattooed on her foot, which appears to be a reference to her 1990 debut picture, Mermaids.

Other Tattoos of Christina Ricci

On her right wrist, Ricci has a tattoo of a fairy, which is a symbol of feminism. On her lower back, she has another one with a bouquet of sweet peas.

She had inked “Jack” in a cursive script on her right leg, the name of her pet dog who died years ago.

Finally, she has the slogan “Move or Bleed” tattooed on her left-toned rib cage, which acts as a motivation to keep going forward despite all obstacles.

In her swimwear, the Sleepy Hollow actress has proudly displayed her “Move or Bleed” tattoo.

Christina Ricci on the Tattoos of Her Fans

The actress has been encouraging her followers to share photos of their tattoos by sharing them on her verified Instagram account with a sweet message.

A few years back, the Golden Globe winner requested that her followers use the hashtag ‘tattoo Tuesday’ so that she could see their photos.

“Here I am on this dude’s back,” she captioned a photo of Ricci’s character, Wednesday Addams, from The Addams Family, drawn by a fan.