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Tahiti Hernandez Is Already Married, Find Out What Does Bruno Mars’ Sister Do?

Tahiti Hernandez Is Already Married, Find Out What Does Bruno Mars’ Sister Do?

If you’re a big Bruno Mars fan, you’ve probably heard of Tahiti Hernandez. The 33-year-old is the pop sensation’s younger sister and the Hernandez family’s second youngest child.

When we look at Tahiti Hernandez’s life, we can see how she moves from one job to the next, which is comparable to her love life. Without further ado, let us discuss Bruno Mars’ sister Tahiti Hernandez in order to gain a better understanding of her.

Born from a family of entertainers and raised in Hawaii

Tahiti Hernandez was reared in Hawaii, just like her multi-award-winning brother. Peter Hernandez, a gifted percussionist, and Bernadette San Pedro Bayot, a hula dancer, are the parents of the Oahu resident.

Tahiti’s father was a member of Love & Money and Cecilio & Kapono, which helped him get recognition in the United States. Papa Hernandez engaged his children in his performance, which aided them in pursuing a musical career. In the Hernandez home, singing and music were not the only forms of art taught.

Tahiti, along with three other sisters, performed hula dances, which helped to keep the Hawaiian spirit alive. Apart from her two brothers, Tahiti Hernandez’s entire family lives in Hawaii.

Surrounded by Talented Brothers and Sisters

Tahiti Hernandez has four siblings, one of whom is adopted, in addition to the Uptown Funk vocalist. Eric “E-Panda” Hernandez, Peter Hernandez’s eldest son, is a modern drummer with his own unique drumline who was once a police officer.

Tiara Hernandez, Presley Hernandez, and half-sister Jaime Kailani are Tahiti Hernandez’s other siblings. The Hernandez women are exceptionally talented, as they thrive in every aspect of their lives. They’re all Hawaii natives, and some of them are even married to other Hawaiians.

Hernandez, along with her sisters, has played a significant role in promoting the Aloha lifestyle and preserving the Hawaiian spirit.

The LYLAS are a group of people who have come together to

Tahiti Hernandez starred in a TV reality show called The Lylas, which means “Love You Like A Sister,” with her sisters. It was the name of the Hernandez sisters’ music band as well as the title of the show.

The show, which debuted in 2013, is about self-sufficient women who leave their homes and even their families to pursue their passion for singing. Aside from the reality show, the girl band had a few hits and has even been on X-Factor USA as a surprise guest.

Tahiti and her sisters have had a remarkable musical career, despite the fact that Lylas have yet to cooperate with their 24K Magic singer brother

Tahiti has had two marriages.

Both her ex-husband and hubby are cool Hawaiian dudes, so the 33-year-old singer-producer has a thing for them. Joshua Sojot, a DJ who has worked with Jay Z and Kanye West, was Tahiti’s first husband.

There is very little information about the Lylas actress’s relationship with the Hawaiian DJ. The former lovers divorced in 2013 and are the proud parents of two lovely sons.

Bruno Mars’ sister is blissfully married to Billy Kemper, a professional Big Wave-Surfer, after dating for a few years and finally sealing the marriage in 2018. The 29-year-old, who is also from Hawaii, has won numerous accolades and prizes on the professional surfing circuit.

Tahiti Hernandez received two more adorable sons together with the decorated surfer.

Mother of four children

As previously stated, the Comeback singer is a mother of four children. Despite the fact that she is divorced from her ex-husband, she still has a nice relationship with the Hawaiian DJ because of their children. Nyjah Music and Zyah Rhythm are Tahiti Hernandez’s boys with her ex-partner.

Tahiti’s family’s love and enthusiasm for music influenced the middle names. Nyjah and Zyah also get to spend time with their aunt Tiara Bella Hernandez, a music teacher. They even cooperated on the song “I Love Hawaii,” which promotes the music festival hosted by Tahiti’s sisters.

Bruno Mars’ sibling, Billy Kemper, has two additional lovely sons. Unlike their half brothers, who are into music, Lion and Hazey Kemper are more into surfing. Both Lion and Hazey train with their surfer father on a regular basis.

Uproar Fitness’s owner and a fitness instructor

The marriage of Bruno Mars’ sister, Tahiti Hernandez, to Billy Kemper, inspired her to encourage healthy living. As a result, the artist is now a qualified fitness instructor as well as a social media influencer.

Uproar Fitness is owned by Tahiti Hernandez and her husband Billy Kemper. Instagram account of Uproar Fitness.

Uproar Fitness is the name of the mother of four’s gym. CrossFit with a little weight lifting is what the fitness teacher prefers. Uproar Workout in North Oahu is a busy fitness club where both couples are frequently seen. The gym also has its own Facebook page, where you can see all of the activities that take place there as well as member tales.

Fitness Companies Recommend

Tahiti Hernandez, despite being Bruno Mars’ sister, has created a name for herself in the fitness world. The fitness instructor is the proprietor of Uproar Fitness and is recommended by a few fitness companies, as previously stated.

One of the companies that have sponsored the proprietor of Uproar Fitness is Ethika. Rather than equipment and gear, the fitness wear firm concentrates on clothing.

Apart from spending time with her family, Tahiti Hernandez is committed to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. We wish the Hawaiian native all the best in her pursuit of a happy and productive life with her family.

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