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Sy’rai Smith Discloses Her Weight Loss

Sy’rai Smith Discloses Her Weight Loss

During a recent visit to The Real, Brandy’s daughter, Sy’Rai Smith, was open about her weight reduction battle.

She discussed what prompted her to lose weight and the pressure she had been under for a long time because of her weight.

When Sy’Rai hadn’t lost weight, she said she had a lot of health problems. She realized that if she remained on this path, she would not be able to live the life she desired.

Another reason she was determined to lose weight was because of her family.

Sy’Rai Smith’s mother was there for her all the way.

To get to her current weight, she first had to modify her mindset and lifestyle, after which she made progress.

Sy’Rai’s weight loss wasn’t easy, and having been in the spotlight since she was a child due of her mother made things even more difficult.

She also admitted to being insecure about her body, which many other women experience after comparing themselves to others on social media.

Sy’Rai went on to say that her insecurity made her feel like an outcast in her family.

Even though Brandy had always been there to encourage her, it made her feel as if her mother was embarrassed of her. “She was constantly encouraging. She always thought I was attractive, and she encouraged me to lose weight whether I wanted to or not.”

Brandy rushed to Instagram after her daughter’s appearance on The Real to express her continued support for her. The singer commended her daughter’s energy and courage in a screenshot from the concert.

Sy’Rai Smith and Her Mothers are a mother and daughter duo.

Brandy’s only child is Sry’Rai. In 2002, the singer gave birth to her daughter with the help of record producer Robert Anthony “Big Bert” Smith.

Sy’Rai, like her mother, wants to build a name for herself in the music industry. In April 2020, she uploaded her song “At Your Best” to her YouTube page.

She has also published other makeup-related and vlog-like videos to her YouTube channel in addition to the song.