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Sutton Stracke brings her daughter to ‘RHOBH,’ despite her ex-ban husband’s on filming with children.

Sutton Stracke brings her daughter to ‘RHOBH,’ despite her ex-ban husband’s on filming with children.

Sutton Stracke is an American socialite, ballet dancer, and reality television star who is most known for her role in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH).

She is the Executive Director of Augusta Ballet and the Director of Development for Cunningham Dance Foundation. She’s also on the board of directors for a number of institutions in Los Angeles and New York, including the Ballet Theatre.

She originally appeared on RHOBH in Season 10 as a friend of the ladies. In the eleventh season, she returned as a regular cast member.

She was meant to join the cast in season 10 at first. She was unable to do so due to her ex-husband Christian’s interference.

Because of her ex-husband, Stracke was demoted.

Stracke met Christian, her ex-husband when they were both children. They later reunited and married in the year 2000.

Christian is the worldwide head of credit research at PIMCO, an investment management firm. He has been managing real estate and corporate assets for the past two decades and is a specialist in the field.

The couple has three children: Porter, a daughter, and Philip and James, two sons. They divorced a few years ago, but they still co-parent their children.

On the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast on May 22, 2020, Stracke disclosed some details about her involvement in Season 10 of RHOBH. She said that she was not cast as a member of the show, but that she was made a friend of the other housewives at the last minute due to Christian.

She was devastated since RHOBH was something she had hoped to do with her children.

As she spent time with her children, the socialite wanted to show the viewers her “softer side.”

She apologized on the podcast for not being able to show it off to her followers this season. But, regardless of Christian’s prohibition, Stracke still joined the show for two reasons — to give herself a purpose after the divorce and be a role model for her kids.

She felt that all she did after the divorce was take care of her children and go to the gym. She wanted to make a positive change in her life, and RHOBH was the answer.

She took a chance and auditioned for the show. She eventually joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta in season 11 and had her daughter on the show.

Sutton Stracke Talks About Shooting With Her Daughter

On-Page Six on July 14, 2021, the reality TV actress discussed her experiences filming with her daughter. The mother-daughter team had a lot of fun working together.

Stracke described her daughter as “pleasant, lovely, and bashful,” but added that she enjoyed filming the show. Porter, she claims, did not make a fuss and was “very honest.”

Porter debuted on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on July 14th. With her mother and fellow RHOBH star, Lisa Rinna, she addressed her college life, troubles establishing friends, and joining a sorority.

Porter’s return to college after the long hiatus caused by the COVID-19 outbreak was also videotaped by the mother-daughter combo. Stracke stated that both of them were overcome with emotion at the time.

Porter did not want to reveal herself being unhappy on video and was upset with her mother. It was a bittersweet moment for the two, but it was particularly memorable for Stracke, who said she’ll “always remember that moment.”