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Sue Aikens Wiki: Age, Husband, Family Tree, and More

Sue Aikens Wiki: Age, Husband, Family Tree, and More

Susan Aikens alias Sue Aikens is concerned about the hazards of a wild bear in the middle of the night at her Alaskan camp, just as modern females are concerned about make-up, parties, and shoes.

For anyone planning a trip to Alaska to spend some wild time, the “Life Below Zero” star is a well-known face and name. Sue spends her time in Alaska surviving and preparing to face the perils that exist in one of the most difficult settings on the planet.

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Sue Aikens Wiki-Bio: Age, Family, Husband, and Son

Alaska survivor Sue Aikens, 55, was born on July 1, 1963, in a little community in Illinois named Mount Prospect.

Her mother left her father when she was 12 years old and drove to Alaska with her at night, settling in a town 80 kilometers north of Fairbanks, the largest city in interior Alaska.

Her mother had also abandoned her to follow her own interests. All of these adversities pushed her to survive in the wilderness and shaped who she is now.

Sue Aikens is the mother of two sons and had three husbands.

Sue Aikens has been married three times in her life. Two of her husbands died, and the other left her for a younger lady, so she was in bad shape.

She has two grown boys, ages 30 and 34, from her second marriage, according to the wiki. Her sons enjoy a regular life in the United States with their family.

She spends a lot of time on Twitter talking about her sons.

3. Living in Sub-zero Temperatures and Being Attacked by a Grizzly Bear

Sue Aikens has been a regular on the National Geographic show Life Below Zero since 2013, along with five other survivors. The show follows the daily activities of subsistence hunters in Alaska’s most remote areas.

Aikens is the owner of the Kavik River Camp and has lived in the vast and frigid wilderness for the past 17 years. Every day, she battles the cold and isolation of Alaska on her own. In the show, we see her shooting bears to defend her own territory with her gun.

If you had to live in an area surrounded by 83 bears, you will undoubtedly be attacked. During Susan’s time in Alaska, she was attacked by a grizzly in 2015.

She didn’t notice the bear approaching until it grabbed her and began to fling her around like a piece of meat. She maintained her composure while the eight-foot grizzly attacked her and eventually rolled her over and walked away.

After that, the first thing she did was take her rifle and fire it. She stated, ”

Following her near-death experience, the middle-aged reality personality has been extra cautious around the ferocious six-footers.

4. Sue Aiken’s Net Worth & Her Camp From “Life Below Zero”

The Alaskan survivor has remained in her camp for 17 years, enduring the freezing cold and harsh conditions of the state. She is highly compensated by the BBC, the world’s largest broadcaster, for her work.

Her annual income is reported to be around $200,000. She also charges $350 per night for anyone visiting her camp in Alaska.

Her net worth is estimated to be approximately $500,000, thanks to her TV program and paid accommodations, and it is steadily increasing as her TV show continues to attract new viewers.

5. What Is Sue Aikens Up To Now After Her Grizzly Bear Attack?

Sue is still in Alaska today, experiencing the same hazards she has in the past. According to wikis, her show, Life Below Zero, will return to the screen for its 11th season on September 21, 2018.

Sue is busy with the crew in Alaska as the show approaches its premiere in a few weeks. The event will undoubtedly provide us with a barrage of both excitement and horror on our television screens.