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Steve Lund’s Past Interview Resurfaced, Putting To Rest Gay Rumors

Steve Lund’s Past Interview Resurfaced, Putting To Rest Gay Rumors

In the Canadian television series Bitten, where he has a hot on-screen romance with Paige, Canadian actor Steve Lund is known for luring women with his attractive good looks.

The actor’s actual relationship, though, is still shrouded in secrecy.Fans have frequently assumed he is gay as he has been coy about his relationship. After Lund shared a slightly suggestive photo of him and a friend, the gay accusations began to spread.

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Gay rumors started with an Instagram post.

When Steve Lund shared a picture of himself hugging a man with the message “I do,” the notion that he was gay gained traction.

Many people speculated about his sexual preferences in response to the post. Similar concerns were raised by another image that he shared on social media in September 2017 in which he was seen posing in nothing but his underwear.

Although Steve made strong statements, his posts often seemed to be made in jest.He was simply having fun when Lund posted the first picture of him hugging Jeff Lohnes. Lohnes is wed, and he and his wife have a child.

Lund went out with Steph.
Steph had never made his relationships with any women known to the public.In Schitt’s Creek, he kissed his male co-star Dan Levy instead, which reinforced the gay suspicions.

But after his earlier interview, in which he discussed his ex-girlfriend and ideal dates, reappeared online, the rumors were put to rest.

Steve responded, “It would be like a whole day thing starting with brunch that I made, going to a concert or something like outdoor hiking and eating awesome food and going to an amusement park,” when asked about his perfect date in a conversation with AfterBuzzTV.

He talked of going on dates with women to places like bowling alleys and go-kart tracks where he purposefully let them win.

At the 39-minute point in the interview, Steve also related a story about his ex-girlfriend Steph. He revealed that they had gone to Medieval Times, a restaurant with a medieval theme, where they had caused a disturbance and been ejected.

Lund claims that he and Steph were at the restaurant after a few beers when his ex-girlfriend became so inebriated that she hurled chicken wings at the server. He remarked about his ex-girlfriend, “She was incredibly fun, and we had a lot of fun together.

Steve Lund: Is He Married?

Lund’s marital status as well as the existence of a girlfriend are unclear. For topics pertaining to his romantic life, there has been no confirmation. Even his social media is guarded on the subject.

But the native of Nova Scotia updates on Instagram about his goddaughter, Eliana Grace McArthur.

The Canadian actor has kept his love life a secret, despite the fact that he enjoys talking a little about his goddaughter and his brother. It would be impolite to assume the actor is heterosexual or in a relationship before he comes out and addresses his personal concerns.