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Soledad O’Brien’s Husband as Parents! Undivided, ‘PowHERful’ Broadcaster Family

Soledad O’Brien’s Husband as Parents! Undivided, ‘PowHERful’ Broadcaster Family

Soledad O’Brien and her husband are terrific parents. They gave daughters quality education and morals from a young age and created an organization for the cause.

The New York native reports for HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien airs on Hearst Television.

Soledad co-taught ‘Advancing the Public Understanding of Education’ at Harvard GSE in 2014 with Professor Joe Blatt.

Age, parents, siblings, the height of Soledad O’Brien

Soledad’s full name is Mara de la Soledad Teresa O’Brien. Edward Ephrem O’Brien, a mechanical engineering professor at SUNY Stony Brook, and Estela O’Brien are her parents.

Her Australian father and Cuban mother were both immigrants. She has three sisters and two brothers.

Maria, Cecilia, and Estela are all law professors and eye surgeons. Tony and Orestes, her brothers, are both businessmen.

Soledad, 5’5″ tall, graduated from Harvard with a BA in English and American Literature in 2000.

Her journalism career: NBC-to-HBO-via-CNN

Soledad began her career at NBC’s WBZ-TV in 1991. She presented NBC’s Weekend Today and Today Show.

In 2003, she joined CNN and co-anchored American Morning until 2007. MSNBC reporter She hosted MSNBC’s She hosted Starting Point.

She produced Latino in America and Black in America as a CNN journalist.

Soledad has been on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel since 2013.

Starfish Media Group was created the same year she joined HBO. The media company agreed to produce hour-long documentaries for Al Jazeera America.

Another award for Soledad

Soledad received Harlem United’s Community Champion Award on November 31, 2018. Many media icons attended Harlem United’s 30th-anniversary banquet at Columbia’s Low Memorial Library.

Doug E. Fresh performed during the event, which honored longtime White House AIDS advocate Douglas Brooks.

Soledad was honored for her “excellent leadership and tireless efforts to empower our young and address social justice”

Former Today show anchor and award-winning journalist Tamron Hall presented Soledad’s prize.

As Megyn Kelly’s exit from NBC is imminent, folks are hoping for more Soledad O’Brien in the mornings.

Her travels have boosted her wealth.

Soledad, a journalist for nearly three decades, is wealthy. Her average MSNBC pays while at NBC was $109,793.

During her decade at CNN, she earned $86,596 to $186,934.

Soledad’s $3 million annual income from HBO has contributed to her $8 million net worth. Starfish Media Group’s earnings are boosting her net worth.

With her husband, Bradford Raymond founded the foundation

Soledad’s husband is a banker. 1995 was her wedding year. Bradford is an investment banker at Stifel.

Soledad’s spouse always supports her. In July 2011, she and her spouse founded PowHERful Foundation.

The foundation aims to give young women the experiences, education, and tools to overcome unanticipated barriers to success.

She spoke about her husband’s support during the 2017 Twin Cities PowHERful Summit. She said Bradford is the money behind PowHERful and a good father.

Soledad O’Brien’s Four Kids

Soledad’s husband has four kids. She has two daughters, Sofia Elizabeth and Cecilia. In August 2004, she had twins, Charles and Jackson Raymond.

Soledad attends a 2012 Women’s Foundation event with her husband and children. (Pinterest)

Her social media posts show she’s a good mom. In September 2014, she posted a ten-year-old image of her children on Twitter.

Soledad and her husband are wonderful parents to their children and young women, pushing education.