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Singer Joel Smallbone Regards His Wife As Real-Life Wonder Woman

Singer Joel Smallbone Regards His Wife As Real-Life Wonder Woman

For over seven years, Joel Smallbone of the pop duo For King and Country has been happily married.

Even after years of marriage, the blissfully married man is completely smitten with his wife and believes she is the embodiment of Wonder Woman.

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Joel Smallbone Is Wed To A Christian Musician.

Smallbone is married to the American singer-songwriter Moriah Peters. The couple is head over heels in love and frequently posts about each other on social media.

The Instagram post in which he described Moriah as his real-life Wonder Woman grabbed our attention. It was evident that he values his wife and does not take her for granted. In the post, he thanked her for being as courageous and strong as she’s always been and for loving him despite his faults.

Furthermore, he never lacks an opportunity to celebrate their union. He cherishes every moment with her, from the anniversary of their first meeting to their first date and, of course, their anniversaries.

At a wedding, Joel Smallbone met her for the first time.

Smallbone revealed in an interview with Project Team Inspired that he met his beloved wife at his sibling Luke’s wedding. Even though he does not believe in love at first sight, he confessed that when he first saw her, there was a spark between them. This attraction led him to ask her to dance, and they continued to spend time together after the nuptials.

Since she was in town for a few days following the ceremony, they spent every moment together. By that time, the couple was so in love that they composed a duet love song entitled ‘I’ll Wait for You’

In the days that followed, he became convinced that he had met his future spouse. Happy disposition, that!

Moreover, he has acknowledged that he and Moriah were destined to be together from the moment they first met.When asked how he knew that his wife was “the one” for him, he explained that when they met, he realized that his previous relationships lacked certain elements, but everything made more sense with her.

Distance Cannot Separate Them

Despite working in the same industry, the couple rarely spends much time together due to their respective occupations keeping them busy and apart.

However, technological advancements allow them to remain in constant contact despite their geographical separation.In addition, being a part of the same industry helps place things in perspective as they celebrate one another and their beliefs.

However, when they do have the opportunity to be together, it typically involves extensive travel, and they frequently share a stage.

Since their lives are full of activity and hectic schedules, this hard-working couple does not yet have children. Smallbone has acknowledged, however, that ultimately, their lives will settle down, and they will have more time for each other and perhaps even start a family.

The mutual love and respect assists in resolving conflicts.

Smallbone does not believe in the old adage that “opposites attract” because he and his wife have more similarities than differences. Due to the similarity of their dispositions, the couple rarely has disagreements.

However, if they do have a disagreement, they both make an effort to rectify it by communicating their feelings and remembering that they are destined to be together. This mutual affection and respect helps them mend their relationship, despite their contrary feelings.

We cannot help but venerate the couple’s mutual admiration and affection. They never fail to appreciate their companion in front of the world, and it is this affection that has kept them married for so many years.