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Sinbad’s Wife Meredith Adkins – Are They Still Married?

Sinbad’s Wife Meredith Adkins – Are They Still Married?

David Adkins, better known by his stage name Sinbad, is a stand-up comedian and actor who has performed all over the world. He first rose to notoriety in the 1990s as a result of his stage and television performances. Sinbad has appeared in a number of TV productions, including the popular sitcom ‘A Different World’ and the feature ‘Jingle All the Way.’ In the late 1990s, he had his own show called “The Sinbad Show,” which aired on the FOX network. Sinbad worked as a boom operator in the US military before entering show business. Unfortunately, he was dishonorably dismissed from the US Air Force in 1981 for often going AWOL.

Sinbad, one of the greatest comedians of all time, married the same woman, Meredith Fuller Adkins, twice. Learn more about Sinbad’s wife, Meredith Adkins, and whether or not they are still married in this article.

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Sinbad had two marriages with Meredith Adkins.

Meredith Adkins and Sinbad married twice, as previously stated. In 1986, they were the first couple to go down the aisle together. They met at Wichita State University while Sinbad was serving in the US military at Wichita’s McConnell Air Force, and married a few months later. Sinbad, the comedian, says that he wasn’t ready to be married at the time he married Meredith. As a result, they were unable to maintain their relationship for long and divorced in 1992.

Meredith and Sinbad decided to reconnect a decade after their official divorce in 1992. They renewed their wedding vows in 2002, and their marriage is still going strong. Sinbad stated in an interview with Black America Web in 2018 that living apart is a key to their healthy marriage. He went on to say that after remarrying Meredith, he retained his house for five years so he could go there whenever he was upset or needed some alone time. Despite the fact that Sinbad and Meredith are now living together, everytime they have a disagreement, Sinbad moves next door.

So the essential point is that Sinbad and his wife, Meredith Fuller Adkins, are still married. Meredith, Sinbad’s wife, is always there for him through all of his ups and downs. The husband-and-wife team is having a great time together. Their love and commitment to each other is evident in their social media posts. Sinbad and his wife like spending time together, traveling to different locations and attending various events.

Meredith and Sinbad have two children together.

Sinbad and Meredith have a daughter, Paige Adkins, and a son, Royce Beckly Adkins, as a result of their marriage. Before their divorce, Meredith Adkins gave birth to both of Sinbad’s children. During her time apart from Sinbad, she raised her children as a single mother.

Meredith Adkins and her husband, Sinbad, have two children. Instagram/ meri mer is the source of this image.

Paige Adkins, Meredith and Sinbad’s daughter, is the oldest of two children. She is currently engaged to Byron L. Hopkins, a performer. Paige, like Sinbad, is a singer, songwriter, and actor in the American entertainment industry. Royce Adkins, Meredith’s son, is married to Bianca Renee Today and they have a son named Jalen Sky Adkins.

Meredith has always encouraged her children to pursue their dreams. Paige, her daughter, was even managed by her mother while she pursued a career in music. Meredith’s Instagram is littered with photographs of her children and grandchildren, demonstrating that her children and grandchildren are always her main concern.

Mrs. Adkins’ name appears in a number of films.

Meredith Adkins, Sinbad’s wife, is an actress and producer in the American film industry. She is well-known for producing several short films and dramas directed by her son, Royce Adkins. The Girl With No Brain, Retrospect, and the most recent short film, Outcast, are just a few of them.

Furthermore, Sinbad’s wife, Meredith Adkins, a 1980 SM East alumnus, co-starred in her family sitcom ‘Sinbad: It’s Just Family’ alongside her husband and children. Meredith, a devout Christian, worked as an accountant while raising her children as a single mother, according to several internet publications.

Meredith does, however, have a happy existence with her husband, Sinbad, and her children. According to her social networking accounts, she does not appear to be working at the present. Meredith Adkins, Sinbad’s wife, appears to be a stay-at-home mom who is loving her marriage to him.

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