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Simone De Alba

Facts of Simone De Alba

Full Name: Simone De Alba
Gender: Female
Profession: Journalists
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Simone De Alba is a Society of Professional Journalists: Television Feature Reporting (2011) and Society of Professional Journalists: Television Feature Reporting (2012) award-winning media personality for KTXL FOX40 Sacramento (2012).

Simone worked as a behavior analyst and caregiver for a young woman with autism for six years prior to her meteoric rise in the broadcasting industry. She also represents people with developmental difficulties.

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Is Simone married or unmarried? Her Sweetheart

Simone De AlbaSimone De Alba, a talented media and networking figure, was open about her romantic connection in 2015. She was in a happy relationship with Jason Harris, the morning show host of The Big J Show. Jason was also the host of Radio-Billings and a founder of Projectile Comedy.

In 2015, the glimmer of love blossomed into dating. The couple would frequently appear in the same frame on social media updates, demonstrating their love and intimacy. In July 2016, they posted their intimate photo for the first time.

The heartthrob had always remained close to one another, from smooching at the swimming pool with a companion to the third-year anniversary celebration. Both of them took their relationship to the next level until tragedy struck in 2018.

She and her lover, Jason, ceased sharing their intimacy three years after it began. On November 27, 2018, they shared their final photo together on social media. Whether Simone and Jason have broken up or are still involved in a covert romance is unknown.

She appears to be content with her current status as a single woman. There are no indicators of her prospective love flings and affairs as of 2019. Simone never mentioned getting married any time soon while on her romantic journey. As a result, she could be taking her time to find the right man to marry.

Simone De Alba, on the other hand, is not married and is now single.

Salary and Profession

Simone De Alba began her journalism career as an intern at NBC Denver, CBS Denver, and NBC Sacramento. She also worked on Metro State’s show The MetReport’s live weekly broadcasts.

Her professional career in the media and networking area began in January 2013, when she began working as a reporter for Montana Television Network. She moved to KTXL FOX40 Sacramento in December 2015 after nearly three years as an anchor and reporter.

She has worked as an anchor for FOX40 since then. With such a long tenure on the network, she’s likely to have raked in a sizable paycheck.

Wiki, Age, and Educational Background

Simone De Alba was born in San Francisco, California, in 1988. Every year on September 17th, she blows out her birthday candle. Simone’s childhood appeared to be uneventful because she is the daughter of successful entrepreneurs Gary and Rachel.

Simone earned degrees in political science, speech communication, and broadcast journalism from the University of Colorado and Metropolitan State University, respectively. She was twice recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists for distinction in reporting during her undergraduate years.