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Serena Skov Campbell and Aziz Ansari are in a committed relationship.

Serena Skov Campbell and Aziz Ansari are in a committed relationship.

Aziz Ansari, an American comedian, and actor talked openly about his relationship in his July 2019 Netflix special Right Now. Yes, he admitted, “I’m currently dating a very lovely woman. We share a strong bond that is rare to find.

While performing at Radio City in 2018, the comic acknowledged falling head over heels with Serena Skov Campbell. He claimed that Campbell transformed “his whole outlook on life” as a result of their relationship.

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Who Is the Girlfriend of Aziz Ansari?

Since 2018, Dr. Serena Skov Campbell, a forensic data scientist, has been dating Ansari, the co-creator and actor of The Master of None.

The comedian’s girlfriend graduated from King’s College in London, where she earned her Ph.D. in Plasmonics in 2019, according to her LinkedIn profile. She stated that “producing and characterizing a novel hyperbolic metamaterial” is her “primary field of research.”

Her mentorship role at Twinkle ORBYT, a “small, low-cost expedition that will utilize spectroscopy to decipher the light from hundreds of extrasolar planets and solar system objects,” is also disclosed in her profile.

At PwC in London, Campbell is currently employed full-time as a senior associate in the investigative analytics group. She speaks Danish with ease and can hold a conversation in French and German. On her Instagram account, she calls herself a “Danish Princess” and a “Budding astronaut.”

Their Timeline of Relationship

On September 3, 2018, the couple was seen spending time together at the U.S. Open Tennis Championships in Flushing, New York.

Although Ansari and Campbell started dating in 2018, they didn’t publicly announce their union until Ansari posted pictures of them on social media in 2019.

Pictures of Ansari and Campbell on vacation in Sri Lanka, Morocco, Spain, and Italy have been circulated online.

Aziz Ansari Desires to Wed His Girlfriend

When news broke that Ansari had flown his Danish girlfriend to India to meet Campbell’s grandmother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s illness, it was evident how seriously Ansari and Campbell took their relationship.

In addition, the comedian declared his intention to wed Campbell when performing at Radio City in June 2019.

When you bring your girlfriend to see your grandmother, especially in a desi home, you know the transaction is serious. We send our best wishes to the couple.

Charges of harassment against Aziz Ansari

Ansari was accused of assault in January 2018 by an unidentified photographer in a post, who said that Ansari had harassed them when they were out on a date, before falling head over heels for his Danish girlfriend.

In response to the allegations, Ansari claimed in his comedy special, Right Now, “There are moments I felt terrified, there are times I felt ashamed, there are times I felt embarrassed, and ultimately I just felt terrible that this individual felt this way.”

The comedian admitted to going through difficult times because he believed his career was finished after being called out. He did, however, add that after meeting his girlfriend, his outlook on life completely changed.