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Scotty Sire Is Dating Who? The Career and Relationship of the YouTuber-turned-Musician

Scotty Sire Is Dating Who? The Career and Relationship of the YouTuber-turned-Musician

Before calling it quits in 2020, Scotty Sire had been dating YouTuber Kristen McAtee for the greater part of four years. Following the breakup, the internet was ablaze with rumors: Is Scotty Sire gay? Is he having an affair with McAtee? Has he found a new love interest?

Of course, as these discussions were taking place throughout the internet, some people were still wondering, “Who is Scotty Sire dating?”

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We go over all of this and more in this article.

The Ex-Girlfriend Opened Up

For the most part, the couple — Sire and McAtee — kept quiet about their breakup, but McAtee couldn’t let it go after hearing about the comments about her personal life that were going around the internet.

According to Sportskeeda, McAtee discussed her separation with the YouTuber turned artist on the second episode of Advice. She stated she didn’t want to talk about her split in public and that there were still some aspects of her relationship she wanted to keep private.

Nonetheless, she was taken aback by the story that the internet had created around her relationship. She claimed, “It felt like they were chatting about a TV show.” There were claims of cheating, but she stated that he had not done so.

Sire, 29, moved on swiftly after their separation, according to McAtee, and she “was replaced” from his social media and thumbnails for YouTube videos.

The New Girlfriend Has Arrived to Defend Her Boyfriend

Short footage of McAtee and co-host Alex Koot was published on TikTok by user diariesof4fatgirl a short time afterward. “Kristen McAtee has no idea if Scotty Sire cheated on her,” the caption stated.

This time, Sire’s new girlfriend, Jac Anderson, defended him in the comments area, disputing the idea that he was cheating on McAtee during their breakup. She penned,

Sire’s YouTube video ‘We Broke Up’ was released on February 5, 2020. Despite the fact that the couple was still living together to finish their lease on their property at the time.

Is Scotty Sire a lesbian?

Returning to the LGBT topic, the rumors that Sire was gay started with recordings published by his fellow Vlog Squad members. The videos’ click-bait titles sparked a debate that their supporters were already having.

These rumors, on the other hand, are far from new. The accusations had grown so pervasive that the YouTuber had to send out a tweet to his followers to clarify that he was not gay.

Sire revealed on Twitter on February 12, 2015, that he felt compelled to publicly date a woman in order to prevent followers from assuming he and fellow Vlog Squad member Toddy Smith were not dating.

He also posted a snapshot of a list of people who assumed he and Smith were dating, as well as a photo of himself and Smith laughing on the floor.