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Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor Net Worth – Who is Richer?

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor Net Worth – Who is Richer?

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor are a lesbian couple with a big age disparity, as well as a huge financial worth discrepancy. Holland Taylor has a far larger net worth than Sarah Paulson. Holland Taylor has an estimated net worth of $18 million, while Sarah Paulson has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor have a net worth disparity of $10 million and are 32 years apart in age. Sarah and Holland are both well-known American actresses. Sarah Paulson and Holland began dating in 2015, but they have yet to collaborate on a film.

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Sarah Paulson’s Salary and Net Worth

Sarah Paulson has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Her great career as an actress has given her a commendable net worth.

Until now, the outstanding actress has been in a number of films. In the United States, an actress earns an average of $55,306 a year. And a high-profile actress like Sarah Paulson must make a lot more money. Here’s a rundown of Sarah Paulson’s films, along with their box office grosses, according to Box Office Mojo:

On Sarah’s Instagram, we can see the multimillionaire actress attending red carpet events in a variety of high-end and branded outfits. Sarah Paulson’s net worth of $10 million is expected to climb even more if she continues to earn blockbuster movie roles.

Holland Taylor’s Salary and Net Worth

Holland Taylor, Sarah Paulson’s partner, has a net worth of $18 million. Holland has been able to earn such wealth as a result of her prodigious performing abilities. Holland Taylor has a pivotal character in the American sitcom Two and a Half Men. She receives a whopping $75,000 every episode from the show.

Holland has also acted in a number of films for which she receives large sums of money. Holland Taylor’s net worth is $18 million, which is not surprising given her age. Here’s a list of some of Holland’s films, along with their box office gross:

Movies Earnings
George of the jungle $174,463,257
Baby Mama $64,163,648
Happy Accidents $688,523

Despite her age, Holland Taylor flaunts her fine branded clothes on occasion.

Sarah Paulson is wealthier than Holland Taylor.

Hollande Taylor’s net worth is evidently $18 million, making her wealthier than her partner Sarah. What counts is that the couple is in love, despite the fact that they have received a lot of reaction from the public.

Holland Taylor is wealthier than Sarah Paulson, but that doesn’t seem to matter much because they’re both in love. Sarah’s Instagram is the source of this photo.

Holland Taylor, according to Sarah, is the most stunningly beautiful woman she had ever seen. So we can just get a sense of how much they love each other.

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