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Sarah Jade

Facts of Sarah Jade

Full Name: Sarah Jade
Birth Date: December 12, 1987
Age: 36 years
Gender: Female
Profession: Pole Dancer, Entrepreneur
Country: USA
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Divorce2015 – Dave Bautista, now separated
Net WorthN/A
EducationAt the University of South Florida, a Sociology major
Facebook Sarah Jade Facebook
Twitter Sarah Jade Twitter
Instagram Sarah Jade Instagram
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The first thing the media will tell you about Sarah Jade is that she is Dave Bautista’s estranged wife. Sarah, on the other hand, has quite an introduction of her own, aside from her ex.

Sarah is a well-known figure in the pole dance and aerial performance worlds. She is both a successful dancer and an excellent teacher.

Sarah has opened the ‘Buttercup Pole Dance Studio,’ her own business. Buttercup, which opened in 2011, has become a mecca for pole dance and aerial fitness fans.

Sarah Jade, 33, Pole Dancer
Sarah Jade, 33, Pole Dancer

Despite the fact that she only began dancing when she was 18, Jade has developed into a professional.

In this essay, we will learn about Sarah Jade’s interesting journey. Here are some facts about her to begin with.

Sarah Jade | Childhood and Family

Sarah Jane was born in Tampa, Florida, in the year 2022. Her date of birth is December 12, 1987. Many details regarding her family and childhood are kept private.

Despite this, we know she was a single child from a typical middle-class home. Jade’s family, on the other hand, had no experience with pole dancing or any other type of dancing.

Sarah started her dance career as a self-taught performer. She first became interested in pole dancing while working as a bartender in a strip club in 2006.

Meanwhile, she began to watch videos of famous pole dancers like Alethea Austin and Karol Helms.

She began playing and learning, largely as a hobby, after being inspired by the stars. She purchased a pole from an online retailer and learnt how to use it by watching YouTube tutorials.

Despite this, she never let her pastime interfere with her studies. Sarah studied sociology at the University of South Florida. As a result, she graduated with honors in 2011.

She began taking professional dance classes after graduating. Zoraya Judd was a key teacher for her. Judd is an aerial pole performer and a professional pole dancer.

Sarah Jade: Workplace

She won the Florida pole dancing fitness championship in 2012. She went on to win the competition’s most athletic prize.

Similarly, she joined the tournament again in 2013, winning another most athletic title.

Her two consecutive victories established her as a pole dancing rising star. Despite this, she continued to learn and improve her skills.

Sarah never stopped obtaining projects despite being primarily self-taught. This was all owing to her dedication and unique flair.

Caption: Sarah and ex-husband Dave Bautista. Source: Zimbio
Caption: Sarah and ex-husband Dave Bautista.
Source: Zimbio

In 2011 and 2012, she competed in the USPDF amateur nationals. She was just a competitor in 2011, however she finished second in 2012.

She has come a long way in such a short time! Her interest was gradually transforming into a full-time job.

Her second noteworthy accomplishment was winning the Miss Pole Dance America title in 2016.

She’s also performed in shows including Florida Pole and Aerial Arts Showcase, Nude Nite Aerialist (2015-2017), Pole for a Purpose, and others. She also holds an AFAA fitness instructor certification.

Entrepreneurship as a Career

Sarah has turned her passion for pole dancing into a company. ‘Buttercup Pole Dance’ is her creation. It’s an aerial dance and pole dance studio.

It is located in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Buttercup began as a modest business in 2011, with only 900 square feet of space.

As a result, the studio began to draw more members, and the space began to shrink. Buttercup has to be extended in order to accommodate additional students.

The studio had tripled in size over the span of eight years! It now boasts a 42,000 square foot footprint.

Classes, apparatus, and memberships are available at the studio. Monthly to infinite memberships are available. There are also drop-in classes available.

Her company’s motto is “community development.” Buttercup promotes friendships and treats the crew as a family.

Sarah also offers her pole dancing merchandise. She has spent the most of her time promoting pole dancing to eager students through her studio.

She wants to educate more people about the mind-body and health benefits of pole dancing.

Relationships | Sarah Jade

Sarah prefers to keep her personal life private, thus there isn’t much information about her relationships.

It was all the rage when Dave and Sarah started dating. Dave has three children and one grandchild from two previous marriages.

Furthermore, Dave and Sarah are 20 years apart in age. As the saying goes, age is just a number.

The pair was in love and didn’t care what others thought. They appear to share a lot of similarities, They are both dog lovers and fitness aficionados.

Sarah and Dave’s Wedding
Sarah and Dave’s Wedding

In October of 2015, the couple married. Sarah chose a Greek-inspired wedding gown with a glittering tiara on her wedding day.

Similarly, the sleeveless ivory gown showed off her tattooed body and arms. The tiny ceremony was attended by only relatives and close friends.

They were married for a few years after that. They even shared dog ownership. But it was short-lived.

When fans realized that both were missing from each other’s social media accounts, they assumed something was wrong. Dave had taken down his wedding-related tweet.


Dave announced his single status on Twitter in November 2019. His close friends and WWE stars expressed their condolences to him.

Dave later stated in an interview that he and Sarah were no longer together. He also got a tattoo to commemorate the start of his new life.

Sarah remained fairly silent throughout the ordeal.

Sarah is currently dating a man whose identity she has not revealed. She periodically posts a snapshot of them on social media.

Dave Bautista’s bio

David Michael Bautista is an actor, MMA fighter, and former wrestler. He was born in Washington in January 1969 and is known as Dave Bautista.

After signing with WWF, he became famous (World Wrestling Foundation).

Former WWE star, Dave Bautista
Former WWE star, Dave Bautista

With a height of 6 feet 4 inches and a weight of 125 kilograms, Bautista quickly became a household figure among wrestling fans.

He went on to become a six-time world champion as a result.

Relationships and Marriages

Glenda was his first marriage. In 1990, they married and divorced in 1998. Keilani and Athena are the couple’s two daughters.

Following that, he tied knots with Angie, a fitness fanatic. Oliver is their son. Although the couple split in 2006, they are still close friends. Through his eldest daughter, Keilani, he has two grandchildren.

He commented about how difficult pole dancing is when he was dating Sarah. Dave is a huge dog lover, just like his ex-wife. Sarah acquired possession of the couple’s canines when they divorced.

Career in Acting

Bautista retired from professional wrestling in 2019. He has liked acting in films since then and now refers to himself as an actor first.

Bautista began her acting career in 2006. His debut feature was a martial arts picture called “The Man with the Iron Fists.” He has also acted in and starred in a number of television shows.

He played Drax the Destroyer in the 2014 Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy. He has also appeared in films such as Spectre, Avengers, and others. In his most recent picture, ‘My Spy,’ he portrays a CIA spy.

Dave Bautista, in his film My Spy with his co-star
Dave Bautista, in his film My Spy with his co-star

Dave is a bodybuilder and a tattoo enthusiast. Flags of Greece and the Philippines, tribal-style tattoos, dragons, and the sun are among his tattoos.

In honor of Angie, he had the word “Angel” tattooed on his biceps. He also got a new Medusa tattoo in January 2021.

In recent months, Dave has been linked to WWE’s Dana Brook. Fans suspected something was up when they discovered the two flirting in Twitter comments.

Body measurements of Sarah Jade

Being a dancer necessitates meticulous attention to one’s body and health. Sarah has taken wonderful care of her body as a result.

Despite the fact that her height and weight are slightly lower, she has kept her form in excellent shape.

Her height is 5 feet and 3 inches. She weights roughly 55 kgs at the same time. Her body, however, is extremely flexible and robust.

Her long brown hair is frequently dyed in vibrant hues like pink and blue. She also enjoys getting tattoos. Roses make up the majority of her tattoos, but she also has her dog.

Sarah Jade’s Wealth

Sarah has a net worth of over $200,000 as of 2021. Her main source of money is her successful work as a pole dancer.

Aside from that, her institute is one of a kind and has proven to be a very profitable company.

Sarah also accepts brand endorsement initiatives, which contribute to her net worth. She is the brand ambassador for ‘bad kitty.’

This brand sells pole dancing clothes, accessories, and a variety of other items.

‘Grata Designs’ is another company she supports. It is a workout apparel company. She’s also a model for Nightshade Designs, a pole dancing footwear company.

Sarah and her dogs now live in Tempa, Florida.

Presence on social media

Sarah had her social media accounts locked for a long period, meaning they were not visible to the public.

The quantity of derogatory remarks directed against pole dancers on social media platforms is startling. As a result, Sarah’s behavior is understandable.

Finally, her Instagram account was recently unblocked. She now has almost 40k followers. She used to write pole dance posts on her website from 2015 to 2016.

Jade is also a Twitter user who enjoys sharing her ideas through tweets and retweets.

Her Instagram is full of adorable photographs of her dogs. Frankie, her pitbull, has cancer and is getting chemo treatment, according to her.

Instagram: 47K Followers 

Facebook:11K Followers 

Twitter: 1,268 Followers 

Questions frequently asked

Is Dave Bautista married or not?

In 2015, Dave Bautista married Sarah Jade. They divorced in early 2019 after four years of marriage.

Sarah Jade teaches pole dance where?

Sarah Jade runs a pole dance and aerial fitness school. Buttercup Pole Dance is a Tampa, Florida-based pole dance studio.

Sarah also gives dancing workshops across the United States. Their website has further information about their classes.