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Salice Rose, 24 years old, has a bio that says, “Girlfriend Trauma, Change For The Better; This Is How.”

Salice Rose, 24 years old, has a bio that says, “Girlfriend Trauma, Change For The Better; This Is How.”

Salice Rose is an Instagram and YouTube star from the United States who rose to fame after posting a large number of videos on Instagram. In a short space of time, she has amassed over 7.6 million followers. When SnapChat’s ‘My Story’ feature debuted, she gained a big number of followers.

Salice Rose’s Bio: Height, Age

Salice was born in California on November 20, 1994. Ashley is her oldest sister and she has two brothers. Her ethnicity is Hispanic. Her physical dimensions of 34-24-34 inches are enticing and appropriate for her height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Salice Rose, 24, went to a Military School when she was about 16 years old. Despite the fact that her exact identity has yet to be revealed, she is known as “Salsa Roja” because of her uniquely red hair. She also refers to herself as “Popeyes Queen” since she adores the restaurant and its delectable biscuits.

Rose has numerous tattoos on her body, but the large tattoo on her hand with the inscription “California” reveals her affection for the state where she was born.

Salice Rose Isn’t Afraid To Talk To Her Fans About Her Abusive Relationship

If you believe that an abusive relationship can only exist between a man and a woman, then let me quickly inform you that Salice rose was in an abusive relationship with one of her ex-girlfriends, the identity of whom she chose not to reveal.

Salice uses the aforementioned remark on her Youtube channel before disclosing her previous violent relationship to her fans. She goes on to say that she and the individual with whom she was in a relationship met in college. After a few meetings, both decided to be in a relationship, and everything seemed to be going swimmingly at first.

Salice’s partner made her feel useless, unwanted, insecure, and unloved as time passed. Salice became even more dejected and sad as a result of this behavior. However, after some time, she realized that the person with whom she was in a relationship was not deserving of her love, and she made the decision to love herself first before giving it to the person with whom she was in a relationship.

As a result, she chose to break her connection with her ex-girlfriend and move on.

And for the time being, she is content with her single status.

How did Salice amass a net worth of hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Salice is well-known on YouTube, where she has over 1.6 million fans, in addition to Instagram. Her channel has racked up more than 48.3 million views since its inception in 2014.

She is well known for her vlogs, but she occasionally posts other stuff such as challenge videos. How I Did My Makeup In High School (3.4 million views), My Coming Out Story (2.7 million views), and How I Make My Eyelashes So Long were the most popular videos on her YouTube account (2.5 million views).

Given that Salice’s YouTube channel has over 48.3 million total views, it’s clear that she earns a respectable $30,000 from ad money.

As a result, her overall net worth is believed to be in the range of $ 500,000.

Salice Had The Courage To Speak Up In Front Of Her Family

Salice came out to her family for the first time in 2017 and told them she was gay. She was afraid at first to come out as homosexual in front of her Christian family, but she decided not to hide her true self, and her followers were very proud of her.

She later posted a video on her YouTube channel about how to come out in front of your family, which was a whole motivating package for her admirers.

Salice’s transparency and genuine self-expression are the reasons she has so many fans all around the world.