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Sadly, Jamie Foxx’s Sister Deondra Dixon Passed Away At The Tender Age Of 36

Sadly, Jamie Foxx’s Sister Deondra Dixon Passed Away At The Tender Age Of 36

Deondra Dixon was Jamie Foxx’s younger sister and has Down syndrome. On October 19, 2020, she passed away at the age of 36. Jamie and the rest of the family were devastated by the news, and it took some time for things to return to normal.

Deondra, who was born on September 6, 1984, was a gifted spirit and a wonderful human being who loved life to the fullest. Let’s have a look at Jamie Foxx’s sister, Deondra Dixon’s, fascinating life.

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Her Brother Was Taught How Do You Live?

Jamie Foxx is a family man who appreciates spending time with them. Deondra, the Oscar winner’s sister, is the one who taught him how to live.

After graduating from high school, the Texas native would move to California with her brother and the rest of her family, including her sister, Deidra Dixon, where she would feel more at ease.

The multi-talented actor praises the support he received from his sister throughout his life. While he gets caught up in his life, he claims that staring at Deondra reminds him of what life is all about and how to appreciate it. And today, the Django Unchained star is following in his sister’s footsteps by living modestly.

The Global Down Syndrome Foundation’s Ambassador

Down syndrome is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome, which is present from birth. Deondra Dixon, Jamie Foxx’s sister, had down syndrome, and instead of focusing on her problems, she became a Global Down Syndrome Foundation spokesperson and helped raise awareness for the condition.

The 2011 ambassador set an outstanding example by being herself and demonstrating that having Down syndrome should not prevent someone from achieving their goals.

Dixon moved from one thing to the next throughout her life, but her most significant accomplishment had to be her work with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award Recipient

In 2009, Corinne Foxx’s aunt received the Quincy Joines Exceptional Advocacy Award for the first time. The prize is the most coveted in the down syndrome foundation and is of the highest order.

Quincy Jones, the foundation’s first International Spokesperson, was honored with the award by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

Caterina Scorsone of Grey’s Anatomy and Spanish model Marián vila were the most recent recipients of the prestigious priz.

I competed in the Special Olympics for nearly ten years.

Jamie Foxx’s sister participated in the Special Olympics for almost ten years despite having down syndrome. Dixon began in class six, but there are no exact specifics about the events she participated in.

Deondra Dixon participated in the Special Olympics for over ten years. Deondra Dixon’s Facebook page provided the image.

Knowing how much she loves dancing, the Quincy Jones honoree may have attended similar occasions. Deondra continues to be an inspiration and role model for many other people with Down syndrome, even after her death.

Dixon The Dancer is a fictional character.

As previously said, The Fall for Your Type singer’s sister enjoyed dancing. Deondra Dixon was driven by her desire to be a professional dancer and her enthusiasm for dancing.

In 2008, she also starred in her brother’s music video for Blame It. During house parties, the 53-year-old often recalls how she used to steal the show. Dixon also performed at large events, concerts, and on stage. Her most memorable performance, though, may have been her performance at the Grammy Awards.

Chris Brown and I have a special relationship.

The number one interest of the Blame It dancer was dancing, and she had a particular bond with another excellent dancer, Chris Brown. The R&B phenomenon is recognized for his dance routines as well as his tunes.

Jamie, a father of two, is Chris Brown’s personal buddy, and as a result, he was able to introduce him to his sister. Chris Brown was an ideal boyfriend for the Olympic athlete because she was a major enthusiast of dancing.

Brown, who was always kind and open to Dixon, would gladly accept her request and, out of love, teach her some movements. When he received the devastating news of her passing, he resorted to social media to share his grief.

Nonetheless, only Deondra Dixon’s memories can replace the void she has left. Jamie Foxx and his family cherish the memories they shared with her, as well as the ties they formed.

Regardless, Deondra Dixon, Jamie Foxx’s sister, was stunning, brilliant, fiery, talented, kind, kind, pure, and loving. May her soul rest in peace and be content in wherever place she is.

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