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Sadly, Charles Stanley’s Ex-wife Anna Stanley Passed Away In 2014

Sadly, Charles Stanley’s Ex-wife Anna Stanley Passed Away In 2014

Charles Stanley is one of the most well-known pastors in America. He is most known for serving as the Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. For more than a half-decade, Stanley served as the church’s senior pastor. Charles, who is 88 years old, has also served as President of the Southern Baptist Convention for two one-year periods.

Stanley is also the president and founder of In Touch Ministries, an American evangelical ministry. His ministry is well-known for using television to broadcast his teachings.

Anna Stanley, whose real name was Anna Margaret Johnson, was Charles Stanley’s wife. However, they divorced in 2000, after more than 40 years as husband and wife. Anna died at the age of 83, a few years after their divorce. More information on Charles Stanley’s ex-wife, Anna Stanley, may be found below.

After being married to Charles Stanley for over 40 years, she divorced him.

In 1955, Anna Stanley is said to have walked down the aisle with Charles Stanley. Both were content with their marriage at first. But, over time, Anna and Charles, the previous husband-and-wife team, began to have marital issues.

Anna Stanley moved away a few years after their marriage and stopped going to church with her then-husband. The discreet departure of Charles Stanley’s ex-wife, Anna Stanley, from the pews became public in June 1993, after she filed for divorce abruptly. Her decision sparked outrage among Southern Baptists, who consider divorce to be a sin according to the Bible.

As they attempted to reconnect, the estranged couple decided to revise the case and seek a legal separation rather than a divorce. They even spent three weeks with a highly qualified team of counselors and medics. Anna Stanley, on the other hand, never reconciled with her ex-husband and filed for divorce again in March 1995. In a letter to Charles’ church, she even detailed why she wished to divorce him.

Anna Stanley claims she suffered through several years of heartbreaking disappointments and marital strife with her then-husband, Charles Stanley. She went on to say that Charles had effectively abandoned their marriage and chosen his priorities, none of which included her.

Anna Stanley and Charles Stanley eventually divorced in 2000, just a few months before the court finalized their divorce. Despite Stanley’s promise to retire after his divorce, the congregation overwhelmingly chose to keep him as their pastor.

Anna Stanley died quietly in her sleep on November 10, 2014, at the age of 83, fourteen years after her divorce from Charles Stanley. On November 13, 2014, North Point Community Church in Georgia held a celebration service.

Charles and I had two children together.

When Charles Stanley and Anna Stanley were married, they had two children together. Andy Stanley, their son, was born on May 16, 1958. Similarly, Andy’s daughter, Becky Stanley, was born a few years after Andy. Both of their children are devout Christians. In fact, their eldest child, Andy, is currently a well-known pastor.

Despite the fact that Anna and Charles’ marriage was in jeopardy, they never told their children about it. Andy, their kid, didn’t learn about it until he was in tenth school because he had never seen his parents argue or even disagree before. Before their children were teenagers, Charles and Anna looked to have an unbreakable tie.

Anna Stanley is also survived by her son Andy Stanley’s wife, Sandra Stanley, and their three children, Garrett Stanley, Allison Stanley, and Andrew Stanley, in addition to her children. Jonathan Brodersen, Annie Brodersen, and Matthew Brodersen were her three grandchildren from her daughter Becky Stanley’s side.

A Musically and Biblically Gifted Bible Teacher

Anna Stanley, Charles Stanley’s ex-wife, was born Anna Margaret Johnson in Smithfield, North Carolina, on October 9, 1931. She earned a bachelor’s degree in art from Richmond Professional Institute in Richmond, Virginia.

Anna Stanley spent the majority of her life as a Bible teacher at Miami’s George Mueller Christian School. Anna was also a talented musician. She also served in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina with her then-husband, Charles Stanley. Anna continued to be involved in various aspects of church life until illness prevented her from doing so.

Charles Stanley is currently living on his own. Stanley never married after divorcing Anna because, according to the statutes of First Baptist Atlanta, if he remarries, he will lose his position as a pastor. Another reason he did not marry could be his love for Anna and sorrow over not being able to devote enough time to her when they were together.

In a number of his books, Charles Stanley refers to his ex-wife as Anna or Annie. In one of his writings, ‘A Man’s Touch,’ he recounts his honeymoon and the first meal prepared for him by his previous wife, Anna: fried chicken. So, even though Anna Stanley is no longer living, she lives on in the hearts of her loved ones. We pray that Anna’s soul rests in peace.

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