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Ryan Eldridge, Ashley Morrill’s husband, is grateful for his wife.

Ryan Eldridge, Ashley Morrill’s husband, is grateful for his wife.

On their respective social media accounts, Ashley Morrill and Ryan Eldridge appear to be in a relationship.

Maine Cabin Masters’ sweethearts have been friends and coworkers since they were teenagers, and they are now happily married.

Ashley Morrill’s husband considers himself fortunate to be her husband.

Despite the secrecy surrounding Morrill’s marriage to Eldridge, the Maine Cabin singer has stated that he proposed to her at a Willie Nelson performance.

Eldridge is also not averse to publicly discussing his colleague/wife. When talking about Morrill with Dan Patrick on his show, he got highly animated.

Eldridge added to the plaudits when Dan Patrick praised Morrill for being the show’s MVP and his admiration for her unique approach. Morrill was “one of a kind,” he said, and he considered himself fortunate to have met her. He went on to say that his wife has a great sense of humor.

He also praised her for her ability to remain firm and perform well in all of the tasks she was given.

Ashley Morrill and Ryan Eldridge have kept the date of their wedding hidden.

Morrill and Eldridge make a lovely pair. On their social media accounts, the two frequently discuss their exploits. They have, however, managed to keep their wedding date hidden from inquisitive eyes in the media. Only that they married after two years of courting is all that is known about their relationship.

Eldridge’s marriage was referenced in one of his first Instagram photos. This is a 2016 post. Each of the stars in the photo has two passes to Sugarloaf Ski Resort.

The couple’s 7-year wedding anniversary was celebrated in July 2021.

The pair has recently been dogged by pregnancy rumors. The couple hasn’t verified it, like with many of their signature moments (such as their wedding).

For now, Lizard, Gus, and Sadie, the couple’s dogs, have formed their own family of five.