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Roy Choi’s wife is revealed, and she’s a koala!

Roy Choi’s wife is revealed, and she’s a koala!

Roy Choi became well-known after starring opposite Jon Favreau in the Netflix series The Chef Show. While he has created a name for himself in the hotel industry, he appears to be quite discreet about his personal life, particularly his family.

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Choi hid the faces of his wife and daughter.

On his Instagram account, the chef posted a photo of his family (perhaps for the first time), putting any speculations to rest. However, the photograph simply revealed that he had a wife and a daughter without revealing their appearance.

He flaunted his bearded look with his wife, daughter, and an adorable pooch in an Instagram image from April 2020. The Chef Show actor then used a bunny and a koala emoji to cover his wife’s and daughter’s features, respectively. “Trying to grow a beard,” he captioned the shot. I’ll give myself a month. From my family to yours, greetings. Much courage and love.”

His followers, for their part, understood the cooking expert’s need for solitude and stayed out of it. “Hello there family!” said one commenter on the April article. … “Who’s the lady, nice you have a puppy and a family to spend time with,” one user said, while another added, “Looking good.”

Choi’s wife’s identity has remained a closely guarded secret throughout his career. According to some rumors, Choi’s wife’s name is Caroline Shin, although this cannot be confirmed because Choi has not publicly stated it.

Choi and his daughter have a close relationship.

Choi’s lady-love may be hidden from prying eyes in the media, but his daughter Kaelyn is frequently seen in public. The renowned chef isn’t afraid to bring his daughter to some of his public appearances.

In July 2019, the father-daughter combo was spotted together at the premiere of the film The Lion King.

His daughter was also spotted in a throwback Instagram photo from August 2018. Choi posted a snapshot of his restaurant’s grand opening, in which he is busy preparing a meal while little Kaelyn sits at the counter. “#tbt opening night of the original @eatchego on Overland Ave. in Palms, circa Spring 2010,” he said in the caption.

Kaelyn’s first professional attempt as a Magazine writer/creator will begin in May 2020, according to her happy father. “My kid’s beginning a zine,” he captioned a photo of the joyous moment. Dad is pumped.” His supporters also praised him in the comments section. “Creative like her father,” one person wrote, while another said, “That’s the entrepreneur spirit like her father.”