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Rod Wave prefers to keep his relationship with his girlfriend under wraps.

Rod Wave prefers to keep his relationship with his girlfriend under wraps.

Rod Wave and his partner deserve a big congrats on the birth of their twins early this year. During an open interview with the hosts of The Breakfast Club broadcast in March 2021, the American rapper verified the news. “We just had babies,” he said, adding that the pair had welcomed twin girls into the world.

The rapper, whose true name is Rodarius Marcell Green, also discussed his relationship with his longtime partner in the interview.

It was an uncommon occurrence to see him discuss his personal life since he has preferred to keep his girlfriend’s identity and details of their relationship private over the years.

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Managing Popularity and Relationships at the Same Time

Wave intimated that he and his partner were in a very private environment, enjoying their time together when asked if his celebrity affects his relationship with his fiancée.

“We’re going at it [relationship] like crazy, and some of you won’t even know what we’re going through. That’s the way I’d like to preserve it “he stated

The rapper went on to claim that he didn’t want anyone interfering in their “business,” and that if he started talking about his relationship in public, people would fabricate stories and make a mess out of his otherwise tranquil personal life.

Wave also stated that as a member of his team, she was familiar with his lifestyle and profession, which has helped both of them avoid misunderstandings.

After Twins, what comes next?

After the birth of his twin girls, the St. Petersburg native stated that his view on life had shifted.

The ‘All Week’ singer revealed that he used to be very busy with his performances and tours and that he would even go on last-minute travels, but now his mind continuously encourages him to stay at home with his girlfriend and children.

A wave went on to say that he vowed to work hard in any situation in order to ensure a decent future for his family.

Fans are always interested in learning more about their personal life.

Wave has amassed a significant fan base around the world because of his music and raps. Fans, on the other hand, are interested in learning more about their personal life.

Some fans have even discovered an Instagram account [@dee .18] that they claim belongs to the rapper’s girlfriend. The account, which has 22,000 followers, is now operated as a private account.

Among her 22,000 followers, a select few have access to scroll through her Instagram postings and watch her tales.

A fan rushed to Twitter on April 3, 2020, to share four images of the rapper with his supposed girlfriend, which were initially posted by the aforementioned Instagram profile.

Two of the photos in the tweet showed the woman showing off her baby bulge, while the other two showed the rapper driving her around in his car.