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Robin Cousins, who is openly gay, is married with a partner – learn more about his personal life and career.

Robin Cousins, who is openly gay, is married with a partner – learn more about his personal life and career.

Robin Cousins, an Olympic gold medalist in 1980, has been married to his husband for nearly a decade. He prefers to keep his personal life private and goes to great lengths to conceal his partner’s identity.

As a result, no one in public knows the identity of the cunning ice skater’s partner, as well as their wedding dates and relationship history. However, according to Dailymail in 2012, openly gay Cousins married his partner in a civil wedding in 2007.

Cousins lived with his partner at their home near Brighton, spending valuable quiet time together, according to the story.

The three-time World medalist told the magazine that he is happily married and feels “more pleased” than he did before the marriage. He explained:

Cousins has worn his silver wedding band every time he goes out in public since the couple tied the knot. That demonstrates his undying devotion to his gay lover.

Cousins clearly values commitment and privacy, as evidenced by the facts listed above.

Perhaps that’s why, despite being a frequent Twitter user, he hasn’t revealed a single detail about his personal life, implying that he is wary of disclosing details about his marital life with his husband because he doesn’t want his husband to be the center of attention.

Cousins’ personal life may be kept private, but his achievements as a competitive figure skater are not. He is a four-time British national champion, an Olympic champion from 1980, a three-time World medallist, and a European champion from 1980.

He is also well-known for his role as the top judge on ITV’s dance competition Dancing on Ice.

Cousins was born on August 17, 1957, to Jo, a secretary, and Fred, a civil servant, and grew up with two elder brothers, Martin and Nick.

His father was a professional soccer player for Millwall F.C., where he played goalkeeper.

He first stepped onto the ice when he was nine years old, at Westover Road Ice Rink in Bournemouth, during a family vacation. He liked it so much that he asked for lessons for Christmas eighteen months later.

As a young skater, Robin, now 63, also studied ice dancing, and his first tutor was a dancer named Ms. Pamela Davies. At the age of sixteen, he even dropped out of school to focus on figure skating.

It wasn’t long until the skater, then twelve years old won his first national title at the ‘novice’ level in 1969. Cousins was Britain’s junior champion by the age of fourteen, and he made his international debut soon after.

He turned professional in 1980 after eight years of representing the United Kingdom as an amateur figure skater and went on to win the World Professional Men’s Figure Skating Championships twice. Cousins was a four-time World Professional singles medallist in 1986, 1990, 1991, and 1992.

The popularity of the sport attracts a lot of money to the athletes, therefore there’s no doubt that Robin has a million-dollar net worth. However, the former competitive figure skater keeps that information under wraps as well.