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Rob Estes and Wife Erin Have Been Married Over a Decade – Their Family

Rob Estes and Wife Erin Have Been Married Over a Decade – Their Family

Rob Estes married Erin Bolte in 2010. He played Kyle McBride on Melrose Palace. The couple is still together after a decade.

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Estes and Bolte

Estes was married to Melrose Palace co-star Josie Bissett before meeting Bolte. After divorcing Bissett, he blind-dated Bolte.

According to Bolte, common friends hooked them up. Estes met his future wife while visiting his sister in San Clemente.

Since 2010, the couple has been blissfully married.

Family Estes

The couple has settled in San Clemente, Orange County, California, for their children after migrating from Santa Monica, San Clemente, and Seattle. Estes chose San Clemente for Mason’s excellent schools.

The schools, laid-back atmosphere, and friendly neighborhood attracted the couple.

The couple enjoys family time. Bolte’s perfect day involves hiking the beach trail, which is also the actor’s, complete with sushi for dinner.

Bolte is a dedicated mother whose favorite actor is her husband. The couple makes family dinners a priority.

After a long day, the Melrose Palace actor relished spending time with his family at night. The close-knit Estes family has dinner every night without technology.

He has two sons and a daughter. His first wife Bisset gave him Mason and Maya. Makai is from his second wife, Bolte.

Estes is social media-savvy. His Instagram postings about his wife and kids show followers his beautiful family.