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Rob Dyrdek

Facts of Robert Stanley Dyrdek

Full Name: Robert Stanley Dyrdek
Birth Date: June 28, 1974
Age: 49 years
Gender: Male
Profession: Former Professional Skateboarder/ Entrepreneur
Horoscope: Cancer
Height: 5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
WifeBriyana Noelle Flores
Net Worth$100 million
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorLight Brown
EducationFormer Professional Skateboarder/ Entrepreneur/ Actor/ Producer
FatherGene Dyrdek
MotherPatty Dyrdek
SiblingsDenise Dyrdek
KidsKodah Dash Dyrdek (son), Nala Ryan Dyrdek (daughter)
Facebook Robert Stanley Dyrdek Facebook
Youtube Robert Stanley Dyrdek Youtube
Instagram Robert Stanley Dyrdek Instagram
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Rob Dyrdek is a former professional skateboarder from the United States. He’s also a well-known entrepreneur, actor, producer, and reality TV star.

Rob & Big, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, and Ridiculousness are some of his most well-known reality shows.

With a net worth of $100 million, Dyrdek is the second richest skateboarder behind Tony Hawk. Furthermore, he began skateboarding at the age of sixteen.

Rob Dyrdek at his Dyrdek Machine Office
Rob Dyrdek at his Dyrdek Machine Office

He is the founder of Dyrdek Machine, which launched six new brands in its first year. He has also made numerous high-profile investments.

Dyrdek lives in a $9.9 million estate in Beverly Hills, surrounded by celebrities. Before we begin the article, let’s look at some key facts.

Rob Dyrdek’s Net Worth and Income

After going to California at the age of 18, Dyrdek started his business career with Orion Trucks.

After signing a sponsorship deal with DC, he began looking into entrepreneurship through shoe design.

Later, he founded a number of short-lived businesses, including skate shops and hip-hop labels. Furthermore, these companies taught him a lot of new things, even though they only lasted a year.

He also launched the comic cartoon series Wild Grinders in 2012. He also started two seasons of the skateboarding series.

He also started Street League Skateboarding in 2010. It then progressed from domestic competition to international competition.

He stopped skating in 2016 because his contract with DC shoes was not renewed, and he subsequently departed the Alien Workshop ownership group.

Rob Dyrdek promoting his client’s products
Rob Dyrdek promoting his client’s products

He founded Dyrdek Machine the same year. It’s a startup business incubator that invests in new businesses.

Furthermore, the company released six brands in its first year. Similarly, 14 brands have been produced by Dyrdek Machine to date.

Caps, hoodies, and t-shirts have also been released by his company.

He has invested in UFC, Beatbox Beverages, and Stance in addition to his own company.

He is also an investor and member of the Beach Whiskey advisory board, as well as the co-founder of Ultracast and Black Feather Whiskey.


Dyrdek obtained his first sponsor when he was only 12 years old, who funded his skateboards. Later, he left his sponsor to form Alien Workshop with Neil Blender.

He later signed a sponsorship agreement with DC Shoe after relocating to California. He launched products such as shoes, boards, and clothes in collaboration with DC.

In the past, he’s been sponsored by Silver Trucks, EA Skate, and Monster Energy.

Net Worth and Salary

I made $35,000 per episode as an executive producer and writer for Rob & Big Dyrdek.

He afterwards took a huge leap from Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory, where he earned $1,00,000 every episode.

Similarly, MTV offered him a role on Ridiculousness, for which he was paid $1,25,000 per episode.

With a net worth of $100 million, Rob Dyrdek is the second richest skateboarder in the world. Dyrdek’s net worth is displayed below in several currencies.

Currency Net Worth
Euro 84,615,100.00
Pound Sterling £72,028,600.00
Australian Dollar A$135,875,700.00
Canadian Dollar C$126,019,500.00
Indian Rupee 7,454,555,500.00
BitCoin ฿2,610.57

Professional Career of Rob Dyrdek

He joined the famed skateboarding team G&S after a year of practice skating. He was also the team’s youngest member, at the age of 12.

In the same year, Neil Blender offered him his first sponsorship. Even at such a young age, he established himself as one of the best skateboarders.

Rob spent four years with the G&S skateboarding team. Rob and Blender later decided to form Alian Workshops, their own skateboarding company.

In order to focus on his professional career, he also dropped out of high school.

In 1991, he turned professional at the age of 16. He began doing skating abilities and tricks in front of a large audience after arriving in Los Angeles, attracting a considerable fan base.

He also finished fourth in the World Skateboarding Championships shortly after turning professional in 1991.

Similarly, several businesses began to sponsor him, and Rob represented them in numerous tournaments and events.

In 2014, Fox Weekly named Rob Dyrdek one of the most influential skateboarders of all time.

Rob Dyrdek | Charity and Lifestyle


Dyrdek claims that his lifestyle has drastically changed in comparison to the past. Furthermore, his way of life and holidays are intertwined.

His family is one of the factors that contribute to his healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. Rob Dyrdek is a family man who enjoys spending time with them.

Briyana Noelle Flores, an American entrepreneur and model, is his wife.

They have two children, boy Kodah Dash Dyrdek and daughter Nala Ryan Dyrdek, as of 2021

Rod Dyrdek with his family enjoying vacation
Rod Dyrdek with his family enjoying vacation

As a result, Dyrdek enjoys traveling to various locations throughout the world with his family.

He mentioned Bora Bora as their favorite travel destination among the various places they’ve been. Furthermore, the pair spent their honeymoon at Bora Bora.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is another their go-to place near Los Angeles, according to him.

Daily Schedule

Rather than completing extreme workouts, he now concentrates on minor details and unique approaches to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dyrdek gets up between 4 and 5 a.m. every day. He then uses a smartphone application to brain train for 10 minutes.

He then meditates for roughly 20 minutes in his $15,000 meditation dome.

In addition, guided noises and a lighting system are included in his magnificent Somadome.

Dyrdek also has a sauna where he enjoys reading books and listening to podcasts while expelling all of his toxins.

He goes to the gym for an hour later. During that time, he does some bodyweight exercises, stretches, and rolls out, focusing on natural movement and breathing.

Aside from that, he visits the doctor for therapy five times a week.

Similarly, when it comes to his nutrition, he prefers to keep things simple and focused on supplements.

He takes a combination of momentous collagen, momentous protein greens, Elysium omega, and liquid vitamins every day.

Similarly, he always eats healthy snacks and drinks water, but never drinks. He also has 35 gallons of jar water and 124 water bottles on hand at all times.


For many years, Dyrdek has provided clothing to homeless and underprivileged persons in California.

He also founded Street Legal Skating to promote the legalization of street skateboarding and to distribute skateboards to underdeveloped countries.

Similarly, the Dyrdek DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation established “Safe Spot Skate Skate Spot,” which provides youngsters with a legal and safe skating environment.

He also started a program called SK8 4 Life, which raised $550,000 for underprivileged children in Los Angeles.

Rob Dyrdek | Home and Automobiles


Dyrdek advertised his Hollywood Hils West home for $3.495 million in 2016, but it sold for $80,000 more.

Dyrdek later purchased a house in Mulholland Estates, which was completed in 1999, in 2018. After renovations, they moved into their new home in 2019.

Similarly, he paid $6 million for the 7,000 square foot home. His new residence was also featured in an episode of the Ridiculousness show.

He bought a $9.9 million mansion in Mulholland Estates in 2015, surrounded by superstars such as Kendall Jenner, DJ Khaled, and Big Sean, among others.

In addition, in 2020, he paid $9.9 million for a 7,567-square-foot mansion with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

Dyrdek paid $24.3 million for a trio of Mulholland Estates residences, according to multiple internet sources.


The Ferrari 812GTS, which costs roughly $400k, is Dyrdek’s most recent supercar acquisition.

He also owns the Aston Martin DB9, Bentley Continental GT, 2007 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Campagna T-Rex, among other incredible automobiles.

Rob Dyrdek with his new Ferrari 812GTS
Rob Dyrdek with his new Ferrari 812GTS

His garage also houses the world’s largest stake board, which has been inscribed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Rob Dyrdek | Television and Film

TV Shows

Rob Dyrdek rose to prominence in the media industry thanks to his numerous MTV programmes.

First, he appeared in Rob & Big alongside Cristopher Boykin, his best friend and bodyguard (Big Black).

From 2006 through 2008, three seasons of Rob and Big were released, following their daily lives. They’d also try to smash world records and perform strange things.

From 2009 through 2017, he starred in another MTV show, Fantasy Factory, which ran for seven seasons.

Dyrdek used the 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility to manage his company and personal life.

It included a skateboarding warehouse as well as a company office.

He also did a variety of stunts, like being attacked by a trained tiger and performing a kickflip with a Chevrolet Sonic, to name a few.

Rob Dyrdek and his Ridiculousness co-hosts with MGK
Rob Dyrdek and his Ridiculousness co-hosts with MGK

In 2012, Dyrdek collaborated with MTV on the comedy show Ridiculousness. He hosts the show and makes jokes about internet gaffes and funny videos.


Dyrdek directed the film Street Dreams in 2009. Furthermore, the concept of movies arose in response to the lack of realism in modern skateboarding films.

He later co-wrote the script with Nino Scalia. He also portrayed one of the key roles in the film, which he funded himself.

He’s also starred in a number of films, including Jackass 3.5, The Motivation, Waiting for Lightning, and Sneakerheadz.

Facts to Consider

Neil Blender, a professional skateboarder, handed Rob Dyrdek his first skateboard when he was 11 years old. He began competing professionally a year later.

Dyrdek dropped out of high school. He was also more intent on being a professional skateboarder. So, after signing his first sponsorship deal in his final year of school, he dropped out.

Rob Dyrdek Day was announced by the mayor of Los Angeles in 2012. He was recognized for his efforts to keep children off the streets by constructing skateparks in various towns.

Dyrdek was ordained as a minister in her sister’s wedding in 2015. In addition, he spent a month preparing for the job. Similarly, he used his Fantasy Factory workplace as a wedding venue, and the occasion was documented in a Fantasy Factory episode.

Questions Frequently Asked

What is the net worth of Rob Dyrdek?

Rob Dyrdek’s net worth is expected to be $100 million in 2021. He is currently the world’s second wealthiest skater. Rob makes a lot of money via his business activities and appearances on TV shows.

Rob Dyrdek owns how many businesses?

The founder of Dyrdek Machine, Rob Dyrdek. He’s also a shareholder in the UFC, Beach Whiskey & Beatbox Beverages, and Stance.

Rob Dyrdek held how many Guinness World Records?

Dyrdek set 21 Guinness World Records for skateboarding at the Rob & Big event. He also held the Guinness record for the largest skateboard, which was initially seen in the Fantasy Factory series.