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Rita Marley’s Kids Are Carrying On Their Father’s Musical Legacy

Rita Marley’s Kids Are Carrying On Their Father’s Musical Legacy

Rita Marley, the great Bob Marley’s widow, and her children share their late husband’s musical legacy.

Rita has six children. Cedella, Ziggy, and Stephen were the three children she had with Bob. Sharon and Stephanie, Bob’s two adoptive children, are hers as well. Rita Stewart has a daughter named Serita.

The reggae artist would have turned 76 in February 2021 if not for his untimely death. He fathered ten children with at least eight different women over his 36-year life.

Many of them went into the music business because of their father.

Marley, Cedella

Cedella Marley, Rita and Bob’s eldest daughter, was named after Bob’s mother and, like her parents, is a singer. She has established herself as the leader of the bands bearing her father’s name.

Tuff Gong International, the Bob Marley Museum, and Marley Natural are all visible from her vantage point. It’s not only her; her son Skip has dabbled with music as well. Last summer, he released his debut EP from his Miami home studio.

Marley, Ziggy

Ziggy, Rita and Bob’s firstborn son, is a well-known singer who has released at least 15 albums as a solo artist.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Ziggy was a member of The Melody Makers, which included his siblings Cedella, Stephen, and Sharon.

He is currently based in Los Angeles and works there.

Marley, Stephen

Stephan is the youngest child of the pair. Despite this, he has always had a strong interest in the arts, and at the age of eight, he joined his father, the reggae legend, onstage.

He is a musician, like his siblings, and has produced a number of the Marleys’ songs and albums. He is also the father of Mystic Marley, a 23-year-old singer-songwriter.

Marley, Sharon

Rita had Sharon, the oldest of the Marleys, from a previous relationship with a man. Regardless, he adopted her as his own and gave her the name Marley.

She is also a singer who performed with The Melody Makers in the late twentieth century.

Donisha Prendergast, her daughter, works in the entertainment industry as well, but in writing and filming.

Marley, Stephanie

Stephanie, like Sharon, was born outside of Rita’s marriage to Bob. Later, he adopted her as his own and gave her his surname.

Little is known about this Marley sibling.

Rita, their matriarch, is still working out of the new Tuff Gong, formerly Federal Studios, which is the Caribbean’s largest recording studio.