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Riley Curry

Facts of Riley Elizabeth Curry

Full Name: Riley Elizabeth Curry
Birth Date: July 19, 2012
Age: 11 years
Gender: Female
Horoscope: Cancer
Net WorthN/A
FatherStephen Curry
MotherAyesha Curry
SiblingsTwo (Ryan Curry and Cannon Curry)
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The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry is one of the most well-known players in the NBA, and his three children with Ayesha Curry have been in the spotlight since they were born.

The Curry children have piqued the public’s curiosity because Steph and Ayesha Curry are one of the league’s most well-known couples.

They certainly stand out since they’re all so nice and wonderful. Stephen Curry’s kids have taken over their parents’ Instagram accounts, giving their millions of followers a daily look into their lives.

Who is Riley Curry?

Riley Curry is Stephen and Ayesh Curry’s firstborn child. She is also the first granddaughter of Dell Curry, a former NBA player.

Riley was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, on July 18, 2012. Riley is a kid model and an internet star in addition to being a celebrity child.

Curry, Riley: Parents

The father, Stephen Curry

Riley Curry is Riley Curry’s father. Stephen Curry is a well-known American professional basketball player who currently represents the NBA’s Golden State Warriors.

Curry, as we all know, is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history and is a three-time NBA champion and two-time MVP.

Stephen is one of the world’s highest-paid athletes, ranking ninth on Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid athletes in 2019.

On March 14, 1988, he was born. He is 6’3′′ tall and weighs roughly 86 kg.

Ayesha Curry is the mother of Ayesha Curry

Riley’s mother, Ayesha Curry, is Stephen Curry’s wife. She is an actor, a TV host, an author, and a businesswoman. Ayesha, a New York Times best-selling author, is well known for her cookbooks and cookery shows.

Ayesha was born on March 23, 1989, and is a Canadian-American. She traveled to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

She has also appeared in TV shows and films such as Hannah Montana, Good Luck Charlie, and others.

When they were teenagers, the pair met at church, but it wasn’t until their second meeting in Hollywood that they grew closer. Riley was born in the same year that they married.

Curry, Riley: Siblings

Riley Curry is the Curry Family’s oldest child. Ryan Carson Curry, her younger sister, and Cannon Curry, her younger brother, are her siblings.

Ryan Carson Curry, her younger sister, was born on July 10, 2015, and is only six years old. She comes from a Curry household where she is the middle child.

Canon Curry, her younger brother, was born on July 2, 2018. Curry’s family is made up of three children, the youngest of whom is he.

The Curry siblings were all born in July, which is quite a coincidence.

Riley Curry | Before she was born, Riley Curry was a viral sensation on the internet.

Riley Curry, on the other hand, became an instant celebrity after her birth, thanks to her father’s enormous notoriety.

But it was her appearance at an NBA news conference in 2015 that made her an Internet star. Riley was three years old at the time.

The news conference took place during the Warriors’ 4-1 victory over the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals. In addition, they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, capturing the franchise’s first title in 40 years.

Riley, who was only a toddler at the time, climbed beneath tables and repeatedly interrupted her father on the microphone during the news conference. Riley’s video has gone viral on the internet.

Many people liked the video because it was sweet and uplifting; however, some people questioned Stephen Curry’s decision to bring his daughter to the conference. They considered it unprofessional.

On the other hand, the famous father made no apologies for his daughter’s actions. Instead, it was merely a sweet exchange between father and daughter.

Riley Curry’s fame soared after this occurrence, and she eventually became an internet sensation.

Riley Curry: young model

Riley Curry is a child model who began her career in 2015 with the children’s clothing company Freshly Picked.

Riley’s internet fame led to her modeling for major labels, and the youngster has built a name for herself.

Riley Curry | Appearance on TV

When she was four years old, she co-starred with her family in the first episode of TLC’s ‘Playhouse Masters,’ which aired on August 23, 2016.

The hosts, husband-and-wife combo Tyson, and Audy Leavitt built a custom-designed playhouse throughout the show. It also owns and operates a family business that specializes in custom-built structures for consumers.

She was one of the famous kids on the show. It also included pieces about Ali Landry and Alana de la Garza’s children.

Riley Curry | Basketball Dancing

Typically, children follow in the footsteps of their parents. However, most children end up working in the same field as their parents due to inherited skills.

The majority of actresses’ offspring become actors, whereas doctors’ children become doctors. As a result, it’s a well-known and scientifically proven occurrence.

Riley Curry, on the other hand, has declared unequivocally that she does not wish to follow in his father’s footsteps. She said no when Stephen Curry asked whether she wanted to play basketball.

Riley explained the situation to Stephen, but what she said devastated his heart. Riley, the young girl, stated that she did not want to suffer the same fate as his father.

Steph would return home with hand casts, buttpads, sprained ankles, and other injuries. He was saddened by it, just as Riley may have been.

Riley, on the other hand, appears to already know what she enjoys doing, which is dancing. She gained a lot of attention for her motions on her third birthday, in addition to her viral moment from the news conference.

Riley’s mother shared a video of her dancing on Instagram in 2015, and the video quickly went viral. It’s one of the nicest Nae Nae dance versions available on the internet.

Riley’s abilities were so impressive that Leah Still, the 5-year-old daughter of former NFL tackle Devon Still, challenged her to a dance-off. It was an attractiveness contest!

Riley Curry is a Stephen Curry clone.
Riley Curry is widely regarded as having a striking resemblance to Stephen Curry.

People were even more supportive once a vintage commercial starring Young Stephen Curry resurfaced in the media.

Stephen Curry appeared in a Burger King ad alongside his father, Dell, in the 1990s. He has a striking resemblance to his daughter Riley.

People couldn’t help but notice the father-daughter duo’s striking resemblance during Monday night’s basketball game between the Golden State Warriors and the Charlotte Hornets.

Riley Curry | Stephen Curry’s lucky charm

There is only one rule when it comes to shoes: ask a two-year-old. At least, that’s what Steph Curry did with one of the most pivotal decisions of his life.

In 2013, the Warriors great struggled to choose a brand to symbolize him and couldn’t decide. However, there were numerous suitors.

Curry was coming off a career-best season for Golden State, averaging 22.9 points per game and leading the Warriors to their first-ever playoff appearance.

He was at the agent’s residence in LA with his two-year-old Riley. They were on the lookout for a good brand to represent. He had a bag full of different brand shoes in which he was putting them through their paces.

Curry wore sneakers from Nike, Adidas, Brand Black, and Under Armour. He couldn’t decide, so he dialed his daughter’s number and asked her to choose one for him. He was, of course, playing with her daughter.

Her daughter, on the other hand, went through the complete process of elimination. She didn’t just look at one pair of sneakers; she looked at all of them before deciding on the Under Armour.

Stephen is an Under Armour brand ambassador, and his Curry shoe line is one of the most popular.

Riley Curry is an individual with a unique personality.
Riley Curry was often thought to be silly and lighthearted after the viral incident. Aside from that, she is a mature and responsible young lady.

Riley accompanied Ayesha and Stephen Curry to a social justice protest, according to her mother. The toddler had no idea what was going on, yet she picked up on it without being told.

She assimilated it and, without fear, asked her parents questions about the issue.

Riley Curry is brilliant, sarcastic, confident, poised, and athletic, according to Ayesha Curry.

Riley Curry’s Social Media Profile

Riley Curry is only nine years old, so she does not have her own social media account.

Riley’s posts, on the other hand, are all over her parents’ social media account. So, if you want to get a glimpse into Riley’s life and see what she’s up to, you may instead follow her parents’ social media accounts.

Curry, Stephen

@StephenCurry30 on Twitter

Curry, Ayesha

@ayeshacurry on Instagram
@ayeshacurry on Twitter

Riley Curry’s Son: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the eldest child of Stephen Curry?

Riley Curry is Stephen and Ayesha Curry’s oldest child. She is nine years old, having been born on July 19, 2012.

Riley was how old when she became famous?

Riley was only three years old when her father’s news conference video became viral.

Is Riley a basketball player as well?

Riley is completely uninterested in basketball. Rather than basketball, she prefers to dance.