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Richard Dean Anderson always puts his daughter first.

Richard Dean Anderson always puts his daughter first.

Richard Dean Anderson, one of the most adored action series heroes, was at the height of his career in the 1980s with two back-to-back hits, MacGyver and Stargate SG-1. However, the actor had no qualms about throwing it away to spend more time with his daughter Wylie.

Wylie, her father’s daughter, has undoubtedly acquired some of her father’s acting proclivities as she has already dabbled in show business and has a limited number of performing credits to her record.

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Richard became a full-time father by himself.

According to his official website, the MacGyver actor had always desired to have children. The desire was ultimately realized when Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson was born in 1998 when he was 49.

She quickly rose to the top of his list of priorities. Changing diapers or getting up at three in the morning to put young Wylie back to sleep didn’t bother him, he said in an interview.

For several years, the actor commuted weekly between LA and Vancouver to balance his life as an actor and a parent to his daughter. He quit the StargateSG-1 series after eight seasons in 2004 to prioritize his daughter and spend more time with her. He finally entered a semi-retirement and started working full-time as a single father.

Even now, the 80s action icon shares memories of his daughter’s upbringing on Instagram and updates on her academic and career successes.

The daughter of Richard followed in his footsteps.

Since her father is an actor, Wylie decided to follow in his footsteps and has already been in a few plays. She earned a BFA in Theatre Education and Performance from Emerson College. Her website contains a list of her acting and artistic career highlights.

Wylie is also a painting teacher, and her enthusiasm for the medium is evident in her social media presence.

The Actor was never wed.

Richard is unmarried and has never been in a relationship. However, he had romantic ties to several well-known women, including Teri Hatcher, Lara Flynn Boyle, Sela Ward, and German ice skater Katarina Witt.

His daughter Wylie Quinn Annarose Anderson was born while the MacGyver actor was dating Apryl Prose. Through Stargate and MacGyver producer Michael Greenburg, the two initially met in New York in 1996. The producer was dating a woman who was closest friends with Apryl. In an interview, Richard said he thought she was stunning and loved her sense of humor.

Even though they aren’t together now, Apryl wished Richard a happy birthday on Instagram and referred to him as her favorite ex. This suggests that they still have a good relationship.

His ex-girlfriend is a family woman.

Apryl A. Prose, Richard’s ex-girlfriend, is also a performer. She’s married to Jim, and they have two kids together. Richard has no wife, whereas the actress has moved on and started a new family. Nevertheless, he is a content man.

The ex-partners are satisfied with sharing parental responsibilities for their daughter and have no hatred toward one another.