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Richard Branson’s Ex-wife Kristen Tomassi, Were Married For Seven Years

Richard Branson’s Ex-wife Kristen Tomassi, Were Married For Seven Years

Sir Richard Branson is a well-known English business magnate whose Virgin Group has tentacles in over a hundred organizations throughout the world. He recently became the first person to fly into space in a supersonic spacecraft built by his business, Virgin Galactic. Richard Branson, one of the coolest billionaires, is also an author and philanthropist. He is also a dedicated family man with a loving wife, two grown children, and five grandchildren.

Richard Branson, who is currently married to Joan Templeman Branson, was formerly married to Kristen Tomassi, an American woman. From 1972 until 1979, they were married and lived together for seven years.

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Learn more about Kristen Tomassi, Richard Branson’s ex-wife, and her life after the couple divorced.

From 1972 to 1979, she was married to Richard Branson.

Richard Branson, the son of a former London magistrate, Edward James Branson, and Eve Branson, married Kristen Tomassi, the daughter of a businessman, Joseph H. Tomassi, on July 22, 1972, in England. In Shipton-on-Holy Cherwell’s Cross Church, Rev. Hubert McCann officiated at their Anglican wedding. Branson’s property, Manor Studios in Oxfordshire, England, was the setting for their wedding vows.

In 1972, Kristen Tomassi married Richard Branson. Kristen Tomassi’s Instagram is the source of this image.

Kristen, who was born in Southport, Connecticut, was 20 when she married Richard, who was 21 at the time. Furthermore, at the time, Richard Branson’s ex-wife, Kristen Tomassi, was a student of architecture and design. Branson, for example, has already achieved success at such a young age. The Manor House had been converted into a recording studio and guesthouse. He was also the CEO of Connaught Publications, Ltd, Caroline Records, and Virgin Records, which was then a subsidiary of Connaught Publications, Ltd.

However, they were unable to live together for long due to a slew of marital troubles that had plagued their relationship since their marriage. Richard Branson and his previous wife, Kristen, had a bizarre sexual allergy to one other, according to his memoirs ‘Losing My Virginity.’ He noticed that whenever he and Tomassi kissed, a severe rash appeared on his body, which took nearly three weeks to recover. Several doctors were consulted by the now-separated couple, but none of them were able to aid them. Branson even had a circumcision in the hopes of halting the reaction, but it didn’t help them address their problem.

Richard Branson and Kristen Tomassi eventually divorced in 1979, after parting ways.

Kristen Tomassi’s Relationship After Richard Branson’s Divorce

Richard Branson and his then-wife, Kristen Tomassi, had even explored an open marriage before opting to divorce. Branson replaced his wife with Cyrille Ayers, the then-partner of English singer-songwriter Kevin Ayers. The chemistry between Branson and Cyrille, on the other hand, did not work out. Kristen and Kevin, on the other hand, got together. Without Branson’s knowledge, she fled to Hydra with Ayers and married him. Kevin, on the other hand, was unable to provide Kristen with the kind of security she desired, thus they divorced later.

Kristen Tomassi married Axel Ball, a wealthy German property developer, after her divorce from Ayers. He was her former husband’s business partner, as he owned the Belmond La Residencia, a hotel in Deia’s downtown area. Currently, the married couple resides in Soller, Mallorca, where they are enjoying their golden years in the natural setting.

Richard Branson has been happily married to Joan Templeman Branson since 1989, while his ex-wife Kristen Tomassi is pleased with her current husband, Alex. They began dating while Richard was still married to Kristen and Joan was still married to Ronnie Leahy, her first husband. Only after their divorces from their previous wives did Joan and Richard begin living together.

Holly Branson and Sam Branson are Branson and Templeman’s grown children. They are also grandparents to five young children, two from Sam Branson’s marriage to Isabella Calthorpe and three from Holly’s marriage to Freddie Andrewes. They are currently living in luxury on Necker Island, their private island.

A Mother of Two Children

Branson’s unusual sexual allergy prevented Kristen Tomassi from having children with him. They didn’t even decide to adopt any children while they were together. However, Tomassi and her former partner, Kevin, have a daughter named Galen Ayers. Ayers is currently pursuing a career in music and resides with her husband, Stephen James Hopkins.

Kristen Tomassi and her current husband, Axel Ball, have a grown son named Nicholas Ball. He is currently employed as a real estate agent and is married to Nadine Hawa. Kristen is also a proud grandmother to her son’s two gorgeous children, Alexander and Adriana Ball.

Richard Branson and Kristen Tomassi, his ex-wife, are both content with their current relationships. We hope that they and their new family are close and have a strong bond.

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