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Rex Linn was once on the verge of being married; what happened to that relationship?

Rex Linn was once on the verge of being married; what happened to that relationship?

When his employer, Penn Square Bank, went under in 1982, Rex Linn finally had the chance to start something fresh because he was aware that he was not suited for the banking world.

He had always enjoyed movies and wanted to perform, so he made the decision to pursue his dream before he regretted it in his 80s.

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Thanks to his longtime buddy E.K. Gaylord II, he was able to land his first acting role.

He played prominent roles in the films Shadows on the Wall and Dark Before Dawn. Since then, he has starred in a number of movies alongside talented actors like Sylvester Stallone, Tom Selleck, and Kevin Costner.

On the popular CBS television series CSI: Miami, which aired from 2002 to 2012, he played the homicide detective Frank Tripp, who may be the reason why people are familiar with him.

Rex Linn, is he married?

Despite his success and recognition, the actor keeps a fairly low profile when it comes to his personal life. He allegedly got engaged to a trauma unit nurse named Renee Derese in 2010. The actor discussed his acting profession and marriage in his 2010 feature film for Oklahoma State University.

In the article, he revealed that, while he had everything he needed in life, marriage was still absent.

Despite the fact that there are no indications of him getting married, the Los Angeles Times stated on November 10, 2010, that he had purchased a Sherman Oaks house for him and Derese for $1,415,000.

New Beau for Rex Linn

When Linn and his fiancee split up is unknown, but he recently gained attention for his connection with Reba McEntire, a legendary figure in country music.

When discussing her boyfriend with her followers on an episode of her podcast Living & Learning in October of last year, McEntire said he was a “sweetheart of a gentleman.” They had been conversing throughout the outbreak, she observed.

Before this disclosure, Linn posted a photo of McEntire and himself having dinner in January on Instagram.

After meeting during the filming of Kenny Rogers’ 1991 film The Gambler, the two developed a friendship. Over the years, they stayed in touch with one another. McEntire was wed to her boss at the time, Narvel Blackstock, at the time.

After being together for more than 15 years, they divorced in 2015. The singer announced in 2017 that she was dating Anthony “Skeeter” Lasuzzo, a retired oil geologist and enthusiastic wildlife photographer.

But when the COVID-19 epidemic struck, Linn got in touch with McEntire again, and the two eventually became romantically involved.

The couple has occasionally shown followers glimpses of their courtship on social media since announcing their relationship.

Even so, at the Country Music Awards in November of the previous year, the actor from The Breakdown and the actress from Tremors made their official couple debut.

McEntire seems to have Linn’s heart, and he may even consider making her his wife.